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Qatar opens its borders with visa-free program; India included in list of beneficiaries

Qatar may have been economically and politically isolated in the Gulf region due to the sanctions imposed by the four Arab nations, but that is not stopping the country from thinking out of the box. In an innovative strategy to boost trade, commerce and tourism, Qatar has announced a visa-free entry program that would benefit people from 80 countries. The good thing is that India is included in the list of beneficiaries. It implies that anyone from India planning to visit Qatar will not need a visa. This would really make life simple for travellers and also help save costs related to visa processing. Announcing the new visa-free program, the Qatar government said that the visa exemption program will make Qatar the most open country in the entire Gulf region.

The visa-free program has also been launched keeping in view the 2022 Football World Cup which is being held in Qatar. Thousands of visitors are expected to attend the 2022 World Cup and the visa-free program would help boost the number of visitors. People from 80 countries who are covered under the visa-free program will only be required to show their valid passport to gain entry to Qatar. Of the 80 countries, 33 countries are those whose nationals will be allowed to stay for 180 days. 47 countries are those whose nationals will be allowed to stay for 30 days. The differentiation is based on security aspects and the economic potential of respective countries.

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