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Qatar to demand compensation for damages resulting from Arab blockade

In a move that could further weaken relations between Qatar and Arab countries, the Qatar government said that it will be forming a committee to look into compensation that can be demanded from Arab countries. This compensation will be for the damages suffered by Qatar due to the blockade and isolation imposed by Arab nations. It may be recalled that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain had cut off diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar last month, after accusing the country of supporting terrorism and pointing out several other issues. However, Qatar has denied the allegations and said that the move was an attempt to infringe upon the country’s sovereignty.

Qatari Public Prosecutor Ali Al-Marri said that the committee to be formed will look into claims filed by private companies, public institutions and individuals. Not many details were provided about the working of the committee, but Ali said that both domestic and international legal options would be utilized to seek compensation from Arab nations. Overseas law firms can also be hired, he said.

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