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Qualifications Needed to Become a Thesis Proofreader

PhD proofreading

What is a Thesis?

A thesis, also called a dissertation, is a type of document, submitted to a higher-education institution. It is submitted for the purpose of being considered as a candidate for an academic degree or as a representation of the author’s qualifications, as it presents the author’s research and findings.

In most cases, a thesis or cognate is a part of a bachelors or master’s course, while dissertation is normally reserved for doctorates. A graduate thesis is a term used for both courses.

How Do You Write a Thesis?

A thesis, or dissertation, can be arranged in the look of a published work or can be a handwritten or printed monograph. A monograph usually contains a title page, an abstract, a table of contents that list the subtopics, chapters and respective page numbers, and lastly, a bibliography also called a references section.

Importance of Having Your thesis Proofread

In today’s world, the average level of grammar is going steadily down. When combined with the stressful endeavor of writing a thesis, one is sure to fall under a great deal of pressure and stress which, more often than not, causes one to make severe grammatical mistakes. Even if one does not make these, one will surely make minor ones: sentences that are framed incorrectly, or could have been presented in a more attractive manner.

Examiner always looks for these telltale signs of the writer’s mindset, using them to judge whether a student is fit to study further or not. Even if the author does have the thesis checked through grammar checking tools like Grammarly and plagiarism checking tools like Copyscape (for accidental plagiarism, of course), it is always a good idea to have your thesis proofread by a professional. Thesis proof-reading does not only ensure your paper has no mistakes, proof-readers can also help you re-frame certain sentences to make them more comprehensive, or just give a more attractive look to your paper overall.

The advantage of Having Your thesis Proofread

There are many advantages to having your article proofread. Namely, some of them are:

Proofreading can correct any grammatical mistakes you may have made.

Proofreaders are specially trained for some time to correct and improve your thesis. If your essay, thesis or dissertation suffers from incorrect grammar, spelling or format mistakes, proofreading can rectify them.

Lastly, there are many sites that offer free proofreading services. Engage one of them or a different proofreader. However, as a general rule, websites that require payment are more reliable than ones who don’t, since they employ actual, qualified proofreaders.

Qualifications needed to be a Proofreader

While a whole slew of certificates is required, a degree in English is always helpful while getting hired. If one does not have that, a demonstration of their skills for the hiring company is always mandatory. After getting hired, they are given special training for a period of time: to ensure they do not make any mistakes themselves while editing and rewriting the papers of others. These can be done in a multitude of ways, for example, writing an article, which will be proofread or having to proofread a sample work.

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