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Quintessentially a true Banarasi experience at Brijrama Palace

With such a scenic and pious location on the banks of the holy river Ganga, Brijrama is indeed the jewel of Varanasi. A palatial hotel, which was once the residence of Maharaja Darbanga and his wife, the palace dates back to 1798 and has one of India’s oldest lifts. Telling more about the property’s distinct features and charm, Udit Kumar, Joint Managing Director, 1589 Hotels, shares more.

Inputs by Mr. Udit Kumar, Joint Managing Director, 1589 Hotels:


Mr Udit Kumar, Joint Managing Director, 1589 Hotels (2)Having taken over the charge of the palace a decade ago, there has been a constant effort to restore the palace to its original charm. The palace is his Grandfather’s much cherished project, who took it upon himself to give this project life. Being the resident of Varanasi himself, it has been completed by him along with the professional guidance of renowned architects. Given the city’s cultural lineage and company’s immense fondness for this city, the location couldn’t have been better.

Hinting upon the property’s uniqueness, Udit says “Brijrama is truly one of a kind. Today, all luxury hotels offer the same services, from personal butlers to a highly efficient and operative concierge. We have all of this and in the luxury segment, such services seldom set properties apart. Our most outstanding feature is the essence of the Varanasi Ghats, undeniably, an exceptional one. The palace is located on the banks of river Ganga, you arrive at the hotel via a Bajra (traditional banarasi boat) on which you are checked in to your room. The F&B outlets of the property overlook the Awe Inspiring view of River, Ghats and the Sunrise to Sunset. Here guests can experience at leisure the Serenity and Heritage of the oldest living city.

He further says, “During its restoration, we came across multiple carvings and sculptures emulating our national bird, the peacock and as a result the palace carries the same theme forward. The Palace has 32 keys, 3 F&B outlets and an Al Fresco venue to accommodate approximately 100 people . Brijrama is a palace which will provide an uber luxury experience to the guest.  We are also keen in restoring the beauty and charm of the ghats and is one of the few fighting for the cleanliness of the holy river Ganga.”

Adding further, Udit shares, “The complete palace has been furnished with pure Banarasi silk. We have come down to the simple things that Varanasi offers and we bring that to our guests, from chai being served in Kulhads to types of thandai and the most famous Aalu ka rassa. The interiors of the palace have been carefully hand painted with primarily gold leaf work to provide royal aesthetics to the guests. There are so many facets that truly set this property apart.  For someone looking to experience Varanasi and luxury; this is definitely a setting where they should be heading to.


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