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Quit Your Job – 10 Reasons Why


Adreesh Ghoshal

Does drilling a hole in your head seem more appealing than waking up and going to work every day? Does your workplace seem like a dead-end? Do you feel like a rat lost in a maze whenever asked to present your work at a review? 

Then, it’s time you took a step back and put in your papers. Here are 10 reasons why
1. You’ve thought about it
In school, we were taught that “Quitters never win, and winners never quit”. That does hold true only if you’re convinced that you’re working on something you genuinely believe in. A lot of my friends work at large, famous companies, but never really like talking about what they do. Deep down, being employed should be a constructive use of your time. 
2. You play PUBG in office 
Yes, PUBG is a terribly exciting mobile game. But if you’re using PUBG as an excuse to ‘ideate’, especially when there is a truckload of work assigned to you is downright sad. Come on, be honest with yourself. If PUBG excites you more than your professional requirements, you’re wasting your time. Move on!
3. War with colleagues 
They say that office politics was born the day the first boss was created. If you have been left out of a meeting on purpose, or if your colleagues snub you repeatedly, the writing is on the wall. 
4. Being late 
If being late to work doesn’t make you feel guilty, then you never really were invested in your job anyway. While it’s okay to blame the traffic, the weather or a pet, just to massage your own ego, being late never really helped anyone make friends at work 
5. Being sleepy 
Okay, so what makes a person drowsy? Too much rice at lunch? Probably. Boredom? Definitely. If boredom has set in, it means that you have stopped believing in whatever you’re doing at the office. This also means that you’ll make any and every excuse to walk out to the door. Do yourself a favor. Walk out, and do something you actually enjoyed
6. That footrug-like feeling 
Do you know what a foot rug is? Right. So in case, you haven’t realized it yet, here’s what it feels like 
– You are asked to stay back in spite of not wanting to 
– You are asked to work during weekends 
– Your boss has a habit of insulting you in public, even if on e-mail 
Get the hint?
7. Appraisals are a joke 
Years of hard work and tears later, all you receive is a 6% increment, whereas that slick new MBA grad gets a fat 20% raise. Oh, buddy, that hurts. It hurts worse than a rum-and-coke fuelled root canal. And it also means that the company has had the last laugh. Pack up and leave. Now! 
8.  Lack of recognition 
Every project has to be a team effort. If everyone rows, the ship sails. Sometimes, of course, the smooth talkers win over our bosses. When this happens, the hard workers have to work out of their skins to achieve the team’s goals. When the project has been successfully completed, of course, the weasels get all the attention. The strong and silent ones fret and fume in the background, only to be thrown back into some other project. If you think that’s not fair, don’t fight. Leave. Sometimes, that is the best thing to do. 
9. Better deal elsewhere 
Never stop looking for better opportunities elsewhere. If you don’t, you will get stuck in a rut. It will single-handedly destroy your self-respect. And that is much, much worse than anything you may ever contract. Keep networking, use LinkedIn, build bonds with people you meet in the course of your work, and never stop believing in yourself. One day, you’ll land your dream job. 
10. You feel lost 
Imagine a cup of coffee. It’s best enjoyed while piping hot, right? Now, you decide to keep it in the fridge, expecting it to magically transform itself into cold coffee. And voila! You did it! But, do you feel the same after cracking a deal that blew a hole into your rival’s piggy bank? Do you break into a robot dance every time you finished a blog on time? Yes? I’m guessing not, because you’re, by now, already typing a resignation e-mail aimed at your boss. If that’s what it takes to bring a smile back to your face, do it! 
You studied so hard all your life. You parted your hair, tucked in your shirt, polished your shoes and flossed your teeth. All so that you could one day do what you loved doing. 
Then why don’t you?
By: Adreesh Ghoshal

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