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Rahul embarrasses Akhilesh by saying “unemployment huge problem in UP”

Rahul Gandhi continues to show signs of immaturity, as he said today that unemployment was a huge problem in UP. While addressing a rally in UP, Rahul Gandhi told the public that if anyone asks the youth in the State what they do, the answer will be “kuch nahin” (nothing). He then said that unemployment was a big problem in UP. This statement is likely to cause embarrassment to Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and the Congress-SP alliance.

It may be recalled that just a day earlier, Sheila Dikshit had remarked that Rahul is “still not mature” and needs time to effectively play his part. Responding to this statement, BJP president Amit Shah said today during a rally that if Rahul is still not mature, then why he is being enforced upon Uttar Pradesh. He questioned if the State is some type of a laboratory where people can come to learn. Shah also said that UP faces numerous problems and it will take men of steel to solve them. He went on to add that problems in the State can only be solved under the leadership of PM Modi.

Rahul Gandhi has a history of being in the news for all the wrong reasons. Even PM Modi had earlier said that most of the jokes on the internet are about Rahul Gandhi.

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