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Rahul Gandhi arrested ahead of Mandsaur visit

Newspatrolling: In a significant development, the police in Madhya Pradesh have detained Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and taken him into preventive custody, as he was on his way to the troubled Mandsaur. The police said that Rahul Gandhi tried to break past the security cordon, due to which he was detailed and put into preventive custody. Rahul however claimed that he was given no reason for his detainment. In a twitter post, Rahul said, “I just wanted to meet with the farmers, listen to their problems. They gave me no reason for the detainment and just arrested me.”

It may be recalled that Rahul had earlier said that he is being prevented by the state government to meet the families of farmers who were killed in Mandsaur during the protest. At that time, the police had clearly said that Rahul will not be allowed to visit the troubled Mandsaur, as it could lead to further violence. Meanwhile, Congress leader Sachin Pilot said that affected people want to meet the Congress leaders, but the police are preventing them from doing so. He accused the police of using brute force and infringing on the rights of political leaders.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh assured everyone that the government will never do anything that will break the faith of farmers or common people. He said that some people with vested interests were involved in instigating violence in Mandsaur and these people will soon be booked.

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