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Rahul Gandhi launches Gujarat election campaign; claims to win majority

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today launched the Congress party’s election campaign in Gujarat. Among the first things that Rahul said was an audacious claim that the Congress party will regain power in Gujarat. He also said that the party’s strategy this time would be to give tickets to grassroots workers, instead of choosing people with wealth and influence. Rahul hosted a large meeting at the Sabarmati riverfront and interacted with party members from all the 182 assembly constituencies in Gujarat. Rahul said that he will be focusing on strengthening and reviving the Congress party in Gujarat. Irrespective of what Rahul feels or thinks, one thing is certain that he is up against a mountainous challenge since Congress has been out of power in Gujarat for nearly two decades. Nonetheless, Rahul sounded confident that the party would win the forthcoming assembly elections in Gujarat.

Rahul said that tickets will not be given to anyone who decides to join the Congress party just before elections. Rahul also took 10 pre-selected questions from the workers and answered them. Most of the questions appeared to be scripted in a way that would allow Rahul to attack the BJP government. Rahul alleged that Gujarat Model has failed. He also attacked the BJP for giving cheap loans to corporates such as Tata Motors. Rahul also claimed that all media has been bought by BJP, which is why it is winning most of the elections in the country.

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