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Rahul Gandhi’s twitter tactics exposed; bots being used, say experts

All of a sudden, there was a dramatic increase in the number of followers of Rahul Gandhi on Twitter. His tweets were also being shared and retweeted by an increasing number of people. Now, social media experts have revealed that Rahul Gandhi’s popularity may be due to automatic bots being used. Reports indicate that automated bots from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia are probably involved in retweeting Rahul’s twitter posts. Such bots are easily available on the internet and plans can be purchased to buy any number of retweets, shares and likes you want. Reacting to the report, Union minister Smriti Irani taunted Rahul by saying that may be Rahul is planning to win elections in Russia, Indonesia & Kazakhstan. The official twitter handle of Rahul Gandhi is ‘OfficeOfRG” and it has gained one million followers in the last 2 months.

Congress has been claiming this as the rising popularity of Rahul Gandhi, but after the bot report, it puts a question mark on Rahul’s popularity. After the bot report was published, Congress chief of Social Media and Digital communications Divya Spandana said that she cannot comment on that since they are limited to publishing the tweets and what happens after that is not in their control. She asked to get clarification from twitter about the use of bots. It may be recalled that twitter is under a strong grip of bots and the company is already facing federal investigation for the misuse of bots during the Presidential elections in the United States. We wonder how Rahul will react to the use of bots to improve his social media image.

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