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Rail Neer No: 1 in quality and cost effectiveness among 12 leading brands

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)’s signature product Rail Neer has beaten all other leading packaged drinking water brands to grab the title of the number 1 brand. Rail Neer competed against leading brands such as Mc Dowell’s, Bisleri, Bonaqua, Xalta, More, Kinley, Icelings, Bailey, Royal Blue, A4X and Aquafina. Rail Neer not only scored higher in cost effectiveness, but also in quality parameters. Both these aspects together helped Rail Neer to emerge as the number 1 brand among packaged drinking water manufacturers.

In cost terms, Rail Neer is superior to other brands since it costs only Rs 15 for one liter bottle, as compared to the Rs 20 for most other brands. Rail Neer also scored higher in quality parameters. Tests conducted at an NABL accredited laboratory showed that Rail Neer was the only brand that successfully cleared all the water quality parameters such as undesirable substances and microbiological organisms, pesticide residues, toxic/heavy metals, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH level, radioactivity, turbidity and color. Rail Neer topped in all these parameters to emerge as the number 1 brand in the country.

The survey was conducted by “Consumer Voice” magazine published by Voluntary Organization in Interest of Consumer Education (VOICE). VOICE is member of the Consumer International – a consumer oriented organization that works for consumer awareness, supported by Ministry of Consumer Affairs, under Jago Grahak Jago campaign.

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