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Rail Travel Special Concessions For Patients

Rail Travel Special Concessions For Patients

Did you know that Indian Railways provides special travel concessions to patients with severe diseases? It’s not often advertised, but if you or anyone you know is eligible, you can get rail travel concessions for various diseases. Indian Railways offers special travel concessions for patients across 53 categories and 10 of these are dedicated to patients with severe diseases – HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, tuberculosis, thalassemia, leprosy, sickle cell anemia, ostomy and hemophilia. Here’s a quick overview of rail travel concessions you can avail for a patient with severe disease.

Cancer patients

In sleeper and 3-tier AC, travel concession for cancer patient is 100%, i.e. they are eligible to travel free of cost. In 1st Class, 2nd Class & AC Chair Car, the concession is 75%. In 1st Class AC & 2 tier AC, concession is 50%. One person accompanying the patient will get similar concessions with the exception of Sleeper and 3-tier AC, where concession is 75%.

HIV/AIDS patients

Travel concession is available to HIV/AIDS patients who are travelling for a check-up or to receive treatment at a Government approved ART (Anti-Retroviral Therapy) center. Concession available is 50% in 2nd Class, which also applies to the person accompanying the patient.

Heart patients

Patients who are travelling to receive heart surgery can get 75% concession in 2nd class, sleeper, AC chair car, 3-tier AC and 1st Class. In case of 2-tier AC and 1st class AC, the concession is 50%. The person accompanying the patient will be getting the same benefits.

Kidney disease patients

Concession can be availed by patients who are travelling to an out-of-station facility for either dialysis or kidney transplant. Concession is 75% for 2nd class, sleeper, AC chair car, 3-tier AC and 1st Class, and 50% for 1st Class AC and 2-tier AC. The person accompanying the patient will be getting the same benefits.

Similarly, there are concessions for patients with other diseases such as thalassemia, tuberculosis, ostomy, sickle cell anemia, non-infectious leprosy, and hemophilia. Concessions for these are in the range of 50% to 75%, based on type of ticket booked. One person accompanying the patient qualifies for the same concession as that of the patient. Please verify exact details on Indian Railways website, as concession rates and rules for patients may have been updated.

Some key rules governing travel concession for patients

  • These concessions can only be availed on tickets booked at a ticketing window. If you are booking online, you won’t be eligible for such concessions.
  • Travel concession for patients is available for both outward and return journeys.
  • Concessions will be provided only after patient’s hospital documents are verified by ticket booking official.
  • General rules pertaining to rail travel concessions will be applicable.

Treatment of severe diseases as described above can be financially draining for families. It’s good to know that Indian Railways cares for such people and is willing to provide rail travel concessions. This is very helpful for patients who may have to travel to big cities to get treatment. We request our readers to share this information so that maximum number of people can benefit from rail travel concessions for patients with severe disease.

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