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Rail Travel Students’ Concession For Educational Trips

Educational institutions such as schools and colleges often organize educational trips for their students. As buying train tickets can prove to be expensive for students, Indian Railways offers 50% concession on train tickets booked for educational trips. However, getting this concession is not as easy as one may have expected. Let’s take a look at the various processes involved and documents needed to get rail travel concession for educational trips.

Some basic rules

  • Over-the-counter booking: Rail travel concession for educational trips will be available only on tickets booked through a ticket reservation counter. It is not available for tickets booked online.
  • Total Concession: This is equal to 50%, but applies only to the basic fare. Concession is not provided on other charges such as superfast charges, reservation charges, taxes, etc.
  • Applicability: Students can get concession for educational trips only in 2nd Class and Sleeper Class.
  • Concession for faculty: School/college staff members travelling with the students can also avail 50% concession. However, only two faculty members for every 18 students will be given concession.
  • Processing time: As mentioned earlier, getting concession for educational trips takes longer than expected. In most cases, around 15 days will be needed to process such concession.

Documents required

  • Authorization letter from parents/guardian: As a student, you will need an authorization letter from your parents/guardian. This letter will be addressed to the Principal/Head of the Department and needs to be submitted to concerned faculty member.
  • Students booking form: Request the administrative office of your school/college to provide this form to you. Next, you need to fill details about all students who are part of the educational trip. Information about faculty members should also be provided. In a single form, do not mention more than 18 students and 2 faculty members.
  • Authorization letter from institute: This has to be provided by the Principal/Head of the Department. The letter will list out all the details such as purpose of visit, origin and destination station and date of onward and return journey. The letter will be addressed to the Chief Commercial Superintendent with the request that concession should be provided to the mentioned students.

You need to make 4 copies of all these documents. Three copies will be required by railways to process the concession request, while the fourth copy will be for your reference.

Steps to follow at the Railways Office

Here’s a step by step process of all the things you need to do at the Railways office to get concession for educational trips

  • Step 1: Visit the Railways Zonal office and submit three copies of the documents to the Chief Commercial Superintendent. You will be asked to come back after two days to collect the authorization letter. Make sure you take an acknowledgement for the submitted documents.
  • Step 2: Collect the authorization letter after two days and head to the Chief Booking Supervisor at the reservation office. This will be the station from where you will start the journey. The officials will ask you to return after 7 working days to collect the authorization letter.
  • Step 3: Collect the letter after 7 days and submit it at the booking counter to book your ticket and get the concession.

The existing process to get student concession for educational trips seems like a laborious task. However, the process has been made as such to prevent people from misusing this system. Anyways, students are buzzing with energy and enthusiasm, and we are sure they can easily conquer this seemingly arduous process.

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