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RailYatri: The YatriGuide

Filling in the loopholes of the ever crowded IRCTC; Railyatri mobile application is a handy tool for all Train travelers across the nation. It goes without saying for a network that carries 18 million passengers a day it is surely the lifeline of the country; and if railways are your lifeline RailYatri is your new Electronic engine. RailYatri is a one stop point for all railway related information one can even intend to access before a rail travel; may it be PNR status, Train arrival tile, train departure time, running status, seat vacancy, weather report at a place and many more the list is endless.The app is available on both windows and android operating systems.


The application adds to its value when it shares the previous patters of the trains. Many trains across different routes run on the legacy of delayed arrivals and departures; the app shares information regarding the same. Adding to the ongoing trials of e-services on Indian railways, RailYatri allows you to order food or book a cab while you are aboard a train with third party collaborations.

The simple to use User interface of RailYatri is its undisputed unique value proposition. The home page is as fluid and elegant as an ideal travel related portal ought to be. Relevance is the key note while operating with RailYatri; the application allows customizing feeds as per location or set preferences. We live in a world where most essential commodity is time and RailYatri understands value of the same; customizing preferences based on patters helps avoiding scribbling trough a mammoth list of trains which probably might have no relevance to us.


The home page dropdown on top left corner of the application screen is probably the nucleus of the application. It enlists major queries a traveler would have like PNR status, train running status, seat availability, time table,and train between stations etc. The application widens its customer base as it displays information regarding local city trains and metros. On selecting a location you can have all information regarding local travel or Metro Travel if it metro is operational in the region.Taking the deep dive of Stock Markets; RailYatri does forecasting on railway tickets. Non-Confirmed PNR numbers which are a big concern for travelers; the application predicts based on previous patters what is the likelihood of confirmation for the same thus makes one prepared for alternatives if required.

The application does have its limitations too. It does not allow one to save favorite trips; one has to manually enter the same every time he intends to search.  The application also restricts in adding multiple PNR’s within the same day journey under my trips. Like all it sometimes shows error which in most likelihood I reckon would be because of the dynamic updating.

The application any day is a must for all female and foreign passengers across the nation. It would be easy to type a 4.8/5 on the overall scenario for RailYatri. 

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