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Raise a Toast on Valentine’s Day with Kruto’s Potions of Love

Mumbai, February 2015: Valentine’s Day is here and it’s time to stir up the passion with KRUTO’s flirty infusions. Raise a toast with sweet and delicious concoctions of the Love Twist Cocktail and Spiced Fresh strawberry Caiprojca and enjoy the bliss of the classic KRUTO vodka.   Chase the vodka distilled 9 times, crafted from a 300 year old Russian recipe giving you a smoothness like never before.

Strawberry Caiprojca (1) (1)As Cupid strikes this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re hosting a party, trying to win over a very special guest, or just planning a fun evening with a loved one, Kruto’s Potions of Love or two is the perfect way to heat up the night and make your date’s heart flutter.

INPUTS BY Mir Spirits Mixologist Naveen Kotyankar

KRUTO Love Twist Cocktail


Kruto Vodka                                        : 45 ml

Fresh Strawberries                              : 6 nos

Cane Sugar                                          : half teaspoon

Creme de fraise/ Strawberry liqueur : 15 ml

Apple Juice                                          : 30 ml

Green Chilli                                         : 1 medium size


Muddle fresh strawberries with cane sugar. Add Creme de fraise and Kruto. Add cracked ice, apple juice &a light squeeze of lime juice. Add a medium sized deseeded slit green chilli. Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and double strain into a sugar rimmed martini glass. Garnish with fresh strawberry

KRUTOSpiced Fresh Strawberry Caiprojca

Kruto Vodka                                        : 60 ml

Fresh Medium Sized Strawberries      : 5nos

Lemons                                                : 2nos

Fresh Mint leaves                               : 12 nos

Grain Sugar                                         : ½ teaspoon

Monin Strawberry                               : 15 ml

Green Chilli (Slit & deseeded)                        : 1 medium size 


2 cups Cracked Ice Muddle grain sugar & fresh mint leaves in a mixing glass with a muddler.Add lemon wedges & fresh diced strawberries and muddle again. Add Monin Strawberry, Kruto& slit green chilli. Top up with cracked ice and mix well. Pour into a heavy bottomed rock or Old fashioned glass. Garnish with finely diced strawberry and a deseeded green chilli. For extra heat add a couple of dashes of Tobasco.

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