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Rajini turns ON for LINGAA – Movie Review

Movie: Lingaa
Cast: Rajinikanth, Anushka Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha, Jagapathi Babu
Director: KS Ravikumar
Rating: 3.7


Lingaa is a awaited treat for Rajinikanth fans on his birthday. Lingaa by KS Ravikumar puts to star Rajinikanth in a double role.  That of Lingaa a super clever thief and his grandfather, Raja Lingeswaran. There are so many references to Rajini the person that the real and reel are never quite separated.

The political based dialogues are in abundance. They reflect his position in related to politics as well. Santhanam who plays the younger Lingaa’s sidekick says “even if you say no, the people won’t leave you.” Anushka Shetty who plays Rajini’s pair suggests he could go all the way to Parliament.  Rajini has not made up his mind on whether or not to enter politics but the people have made up their mind about him.

Apart from all the story of Lingaa is simple. So simple that whoever filed a case claiming theft of his script must be deluding himself on originality. The story is of Raja Lingeswaran who sacrifices everything he has to build a dam for the sake of his subjects. He runs
into a dispute with the British in this tale set in 1939. Sonakshi Sinha plays his love interest.

A temple that the king builds is stopped and can’t be opened by anyone. Hence Anushka who plays an intrepid reporter is assigned the
job of getting the younger Lingaa into the plot.

With Rajini in almost every scene, it is style performance for his fans. But at 175 minutes, the film drags in the middle portion and
could have done with some deft editing. The film suffers from the lack of a strong and powerful antagonist, a la Ramakrishna in Padayappa or Suman in Sivaji. Telugu actor Jagapathi Babu is an apology of a villain.

Music by A R Rahman is a letdown. Except for the ‘indianne’ score sung by AR himself, rest of the music is disappointing. For the
Rajini-Rahman team that gave hit music in Sivaji, Enthiran, this film doesn’t match up. 

But where the film scores in is having Rajini as the hero. It relies on the time-tested template of making the film ride on his shoulders.
The make up has made him look atleast 15 years younger and cinematography and action sequences are a treat. 

There is however no better chemistry between Rajini and his two heroines. That’s why almost as a disclaimer he had said at the  elugu
audio function that he found it tough to dance with heroines his daughters’ age. 

Watch it if you are a Rajini fan.But the theme is clear. Even as a masala commercial, Lingaa entertains. It can be  given 3.7out of 5.

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