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Rajiv Seharawat CEO

Rajiv Seharawat

Rajiv Seharawat is a man who wears many feathers on his hat. He is a one-man army and runs the whole show. He is in the office. He is visiting his Franchise outlets and happily giving time to his friends and others and motivating everyone to do the best in their life.
He is a certified Life Coach, studied in California University of Integrated Studies, USA. He is the man who is behind the huge success of diet clinic and each day he is addressing new options which can help him and others to grow in life with healthy living.
He is not from dietetic background but his entrepreneurial and management skills bring smile is everyone’s face. He says, “Happiness is not possible without good health and happiness is what counts at the end, whether it is your client, franchise owner or your staff. If everyone is happy then automatically you will be happy and your family will be happy too.”
He never fears to experiment. He is always ready to learn something new.  “Go for a new venture and there is always something that will teach you and help you to grow. So my focus is always on the learning. The better you learn the better you can execute your decision.” He says.

In fact this very nature has made him very popular and many entrepreneurs are regularly in touch with him and he sometimes also helps others to smooth their business operations. 

“Weight loss is a duty for everyone – to keep your body healthy and enjoy the rich blessing of life by staying healthy. Help & Support everyone to feel good and remain healthy. Allow us to help you and help others. Your trust is what matters”
CEO – Rajiv Seharawat


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