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Rajya Sabha proposes, Lok Sabha disposes; Finance Bill passed in Parliament

The Rajya Sabha yesterday had enforced five amendments to the Finance Bill before approving it, but these amendments were rejected today in the Lok Sabha. This implies that the Finance Bill will now function in its original form. The ruling NDA government wasn’t able to get the bill approved in the Rajya Sabha in its original form because it’s in a minority in the Rajya Sabha. However, it was not something to worry about for the government, since the Finance Bill was presented as a Money Bill. The Rajya Sabha can suggest amendments in money bill also, but it is not binding and the final decision rests with the Lok Sabha. The NDA government did not have a problem in Lok Sabha since it has a majority there.

Meanwhile, the opposition protested against the government’s recent decisions, saying that key legislations are being presented as money bills, something that is undermining the authority of Rajya Sabha. Congress leader M Veerappa Moily said that such decisions are an assault on democracy and that members of Rajya Sabha should resign collectively. Congress leader Deependra Hooda said that around 40 legislations are planned to be presented as money bills, something that would make Rajya Sabha incidental.

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