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Ramzan Iftar organized in Mandir in Kerala; 400 Muslims invited Setting a new trend to promote communal harmony, a Mandir in Kerala hosted a Ramzan Iftar for 400 Muslims. The iftar was organized at the Lekshmi Narasimha Murthy Vishnu Temple in Kerala’s Malappuram district. Apart from the 400 Muslims who attended the iftar, people from other communities also joined in the celebrations being held in the Temple. However, the food served at the iftar in the temple was purely vegetarian, keeping in mind the religious sensitivities of temple worshippers. It may be recalled that the temple is located in Vettichira, which is a Muslim dominated area. Sources said that the funds for the temple’s restoration were also pooled in by the Muslim community in the area.

PT Mohanan, the temple’s committee secretary, said that people in the area have grown up in an atmosphere of religious harmony. He said that people here are concerned more about humanity rather than religion. Mohanan said that people in the area respect each other’s religious beliefs and do not interfere in such matters. People here know how they can practice their own religion and yet be friends with people of other religious beliefs, he said. The iftar was also held as a ritual to signify the ongoing restoration work that is being conducted at the temple. Guests who attended the iftar were served the traditional vegetarian Kerala feast known as Sadhya, which is served on a banana leaf.

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