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India getting it’s more online shopping platforms and the markets at inflection point  that will see rapid growth to become a $15 billion
market by 2016.This was made by google,on the basis of  growing online annual shopping trends. Also it has been assumpted that by 2016, India will get 100 million online shoppers. Because of  increase in the confidence and trust amongst the shoppers, Sale of products and services are on the rise by 71 per cent, currently.

Women has also played a big role in the growth of online shopping market and their network by purchase of apparels, beauty care products , skin care items, home furnishing items, baby products, jewellery and a lot of more. This report findings are consistent with search trends, being seeing on google.

This report also gives a indication that 62 per cent of the online buyers  feels the return process or techinique is a little complicated. So, Online marketing persons need to do a little more research and should think about their customer comforts before employing any strategy or technique. 

Ultimately, they need to impress their visitors or customers, anyhow.

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