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Recycle, Reuse, ReTag

As the desires of the millennial group explore newer skylines, extravagance products discover their path now and then into unwanted closets, because of rash purchasing or peer pressure. Having put in a couple of good thousands or lakhs on them, disposing of them would be appalling. In any case, here’s likely another way, wherein ReTag swoops in and helps an individual out decluttering their luxury wardrobe with a perfectly suited model offering stages where the client could sell his/her preloved luxury products as well as buy one which is available at a much affordable price. Driving the path for those tired of hyper-​consumerism and particularly those wired towards an asset saving model frequently outfitted towards sharing, swapping, exchanging or leasing and recognized as ‘re-commerce’, the endeavor offers purchasers a wide variety of desired and exquisite brands — including the likes of Balenciaga, Chanel, Fendi, Prada, and Hermés — from those looking to offload them. ReTag is totally the one stop shop if you want to declutter your wardrobe and add on more refurbished luxury items at much affordable prices!

Millennials have come to embody the brand new face of modern-day retail, one that is capable, sustainable, and valuable simplify extravagance. There are numerous who try to have their fashion fix at a deal and Retag gives them the excitement of extravagance with the affirmation of complete classification and the validation that is so essential to their client base. The entry serves both as a moneymaker on the off chance that you need to sell your undesirable style treasures and a cash saver in the event that you are a cautious high-roller and need the flavor of creator extravagance at a lesser cost. Not just has ReTag encouraged a change in outlook in the purchaser’s perspective about used luxury merchandise, yet it has additionally given a stage to numerous to sell their pre-adored adornments. It has additionally opened up the luxury market to a totally different arrangement of individuals, the individuals who aspire, and who perhaps couldn’t bear the cost of them before.

In addition to that world’s biggest pandemic situation means high-end purchases have temporarily been restricted for many businesses. ​Leading into the gaining traction of the resale model in India. Hence, re-defining the pre-loved luxury market in India.

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