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Reasons that hinder women in India from participating in politics


Women in India are severely under-represented when it comes to political positions. While women have been gaining hold over several factions of society, politics is a field that has remained majorly untouched with very female politicians taking lead. India has for long been run with a sense of patriarchal embodiment. With men taking charge from the very first time societies were formed, women have always remained oppressed. However, times today have changed in the 21st century and women have started taking charge making our society a fairly equal one. Still, there are sections that require more women participants such as politics.

So let’s take a look at some of the reasons that hinder women in India from participating in politics.

1-Sex Ratio:

Even though India is a country with second highest population in the whole wide world, the fact is that female population in this country is way less. Issues such as female foeticide over the years have led to a significant drop in the female population. This directly results in decreased participation in the political front by female candidates. When we take a look at the South-Asian ranking of India in terms of women representation, it ranks 5th behind its neighbours Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and even Nepal.

2-Lack of Confidence:

As women in India, they have always been embedded right from the childhood with the thought that only men can acquire top positions. This thought process passed down from one generation to another has led to women lacking the type of confidence needed to attain a position that is responsible of maintaining the country. But things are looking up as more and more women are showing interest in the field of politics to create a country with better and forward thought process.

3-Proper Education:

As women in India pass the legal age of marriage, they are mostly married off without even letting them complete their education. In order to obtain a good position in the field of politics, one should have proper education to know the economical and similar issues of the country. However, many women are devoid of this educational facility. The focus is more on upbringing a male child with proper education but neglecting the female child.


Political situations at time can get harsh and unforgiveable. There have been incidents where politicians have been murdered in cold blood or attacked by mob. Similarly, political scenario all over India also showcases that a woman entering politics is majorly undermined by the male politicians. This has created a fear of the platform among the women population in India.

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