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Reasons To Embed Instagram Feed On Your Website

The insanely addictive and competitive platform- Instagram is loaded with the most colorful content that you see on any social media site. Instagram feeds have a unique charm which eventually gets the attention of consumers. 

Over the years, Instagram has evolved from a photo-sharing app into a platform that has now become a crucial part of people’s lives. Be it the users, content creators, influencers, brands, or anyone who wants to get something monetarily out of this social media platform, Instagram is a successful marketing place.

If you own a website, you know how hard it is to maintain success in this competitive environment. Every business nowadays has an Instagram account which they want to leverage to the fullest. But how can they do it in a better way?

Here comes the solution which is embedding Instagram feeds on the website. There are literally thousands of UGC platforms such as Taggbox Widget that are experts in social media and all the aspects related to it. These tools aggregate user-generated content via hashtags, handles, username, location, etc. from various social media platforms and then embed or display them wherever you want.

This effective marketing strategy comes with a pool of benefits. In this starter guide, we will enlighten you with perks that are associated with the embedding of IG feeds on the website. 

Advantages of Embedding Instagram Feeds On Your Website 

  1. Add Shopability Factor
    How about directing your customers to the web pages from where they can actually buy products? Embedding shoppable Instagram feeds on website is one of the most captivating ways to make your customers revisit your store. Streamline the shopping experience of the visitors on your website by embedding shoppable IG feeds on it. 
  1. Real-time Content Display
    It is not a secret that Instagram feeds are the content that is displayed in real-time. This means that your website will automatically get updated with the latest Instagram feeds on your account. You don’t have to do it manually because social media aggregators do it on their own. 
  1. Vibrant Website UI With Amazing Visual Hub
    The more vibrant the merrier.
    Instagram feeds (pictures, texts, and videos) are extremely appealing, vibrant, and therefore can’t be just ignored. If embedded on your websites, these Instagram feeds can just get the attention of a large number of audiences. Increase audience engagement with the user-generated content in the form of feeds on your website and enjoy the outcomes of it.
  1. Boost Your Instagram Followers
    The beautiful and colorful Instagram feed makes visitors curious about your Instagram handle too. And this makes it obvious that they would visit your account and end up as being your follower. So, with one profit you gain another at the same time.
  1. Viral Content
    Instagram feeds are mainly aggregated via hashtags which makes the content persistent. Those who have mastered the art of content creation know-how beneficial UGC content is. You can view hashtag feeds even after ages.
  1. Boost Product Visibility
    Just like increasing your Instagram followers, embedding Instagram feeds on your website gives you another advantage of boosting your product visibility. For instance, visitors can explore feeds on both the website and Instagram handle, which also increases leads in boosting the conversion rate of your website. 
  1. Brand Upliftment and Awareness
    Creating unique hashtags for your brand help you set up a unique brand identity. The more you’ll use these hashtags the maximum people you’ll reach. Instagram feed on your website improves brand awareness in the easiest way ever. You just need to make sure that your product is known by one and all.
  1. UGC= Brand Trust

The Instagram feeds are aggregated form of user-generated content which is extremely trustworthy and authentic. Brands leverage UGC because of its power to convince consumers to buy their products. User-generated is created by the users only which makes it unbiased and brands who own such content seem most reliable in the eyes of customers. The moment you embed Instagram feed on your website, you will start earning the trust of buyers and visitors.

Social Media Aggregator tools like Taggbox Widget have made its special presence in the world of social media marketing. 

This widget tool not just allows you to embed social media feeds as Instagram feeds on your website but also to let you customize and moderate them. You can apply unique themes, layouts, font colors, banners, pop-ups, etc. to your Instagram feed.

With this, you can also enjoy the power of moderating and filtering unwanted content from these feeds. Aggregating user-generated content with the help of the Taggbox widget is super easy and convenient.

Create a UGC campaign with the aggregated content and display it on any marketing channel strategically. The analytics feature helps you to regulate the performance of your Instagram feed on the website to see how much the conversion rate has boosted, how higher the ROI you have received, how much audience engagement is there on your website now.


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