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Reasons Why Shimla Will Always Be the Most Favourite Hill Station in India:

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Shimla is the largest and the most popular hill station of Himachal Pradesh. The bewitching natural beauty of Shimla bestowed it with worldwide recognition and made it the capital city of the Himachal.

People from every part of the world buy Shimla tour packages and rush to this fascinating hill station especially in summers. Once named as “summer capital of India” by Britishers, it now became the pride and a specimen of Indian beauty.

The picturesque landscapes, pollution free air, lofty cliffs and gurgling rivers entice couples, families and solo traveller to buy Shimla tour packages and spend a relaxing vacation at this beautiful destination. Any hill station trip planning is incomplete without mentioning the name of Shimla in it.

What is so special about Shimla? Amidst so many hill stations, why is it the top favourite in India? If you are also trying to get the answers to such questions then, read ahead.

  1. The Abundance of Natural Beauty:

The wondrous hill town of Shimla has been honoured with the title “the queen of hills” by people. This title alone justifies why Shimla is the most famous hill station. The unparalleled natural beauty of this city makes it the queen or head of all the hill stations.

People who wish to spend time in the lap of nature include Shimla in their travel list every year. Covered with lush green pine, deodar and spruce trees and embellished with sparkling lakes, Shimla has everything that can delight any nature lover.

  1. Rich Historic Roots:

Shimla houses many sightseeing places that hold great historical significance. Since this city has been the habitat of British people during the colonial era so, it has deep historical roots. A city that is beautiful and mysterious can attract more people than you can imagine.

One living example of the rich history of Shimla is the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies. This place was the summer habitat of an Indian Viceroy viz. Viceregal Lodge. The Viceroy’s house has been the place of prominent historical events like Shimla conference and visited by eminent personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi (he was imprisoned here), S. Radhakrishnan and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Later, it was converted into a study and research centre.  You can still visit and see such places on your trip in Shimla!

  1. Pleasant Weather and Snowfall:

Many people visit Shimla just for a simple reason – pleasant weather and snowfall. Shimla is among a few places in India that are blessed with beautiful weather all year round. Usually, people face extreme cold or extreme heat in varied parts of India. But, Shimla boasts of a much-balanced temperature which is neither too cold nor too hot!

People who want to escape the harsh summers of their regions throng Shimla during summer months, while people who love snowfall visit it during winter months. Although, the weather of Shimla is always admirable, no matter which month you select!

  1. Elizabethan Style Architecture:

You can see the influence of British architecture especially from the Elizabethan era in Shimla as this city was like a second home to British people in the past. The unique structure of major buildings and monuments make Shimla a worth visit place for art and architecture lovers.

The edifices of the entire city reflect the imprints of the British era, be it schools, religious places, hospitals or colleges. Some notable examples of Elizabethan structure in Shimla are the Viceregal Lodge, the Gorton Castle, Wild Flower Hall, the Oberoi Cecil, Shimla Heritage Museum, Kennedy House and the Raj Bhavan.

  1. Shimla Toy Train:

The Shimla toy train is one of the main reasons why people always choose Shimla over other hill stations. This cute and comfortable train starts from Kalka and leads you to Shimla moving through 108 tunnels and beautifully designed rock cut mountains.

People usually embark on this special journey to witness a myriad of breath-taking natural scenarios. One can hear the echoes of their voice while passing through the huge tunnels. People love to visit Shimla for this unique experience.

  1. The Exquisite Shopper’s Markets:

Shimla is the true heaven for the shopaholics as there are many bustling markets.  The mall road and LakkarBaazar are the main hubs where you can get all sorts of artefacts and souvenirs. Ranging from woollen clothes to wooden handicraft pieces, there is so much to observe and buy in these unique markets of Shimla.

You can also buy customised goods like wooden key chains, wall hangings and clocks having your names. So, the markets of Shimla are one major reason for its popularity.

  1. Amazing Wildlife:

Tourists can also spot some beautiful fauna species in and around Shimla. However, the main town doesn’t house that much animals so; one has to go to Summer Hill or Prospect Hill area in order to catch a glimpse of rare animals.

At the Summer Hill, you can find a large variety of animals including Deers, Wild Hens, Jackals, Hares, Foxes, Langurs, and Wolves. You can even spot fierce beasts like leopard if you will go around Prospect Hill or Dalhie region.

  1. Entertaining Cultural Performances:

Promoting visual arts on a huge level is a significant part of the culture of Shimla. People can indulge in some engaging cultural performances like plays, dance and other acts at the famous Gaiety Theatre here. This theatre is established by Henry Irwin and named after a renowned theatre in London.

Since then, this theatre is welcoming and entertaining tourists on a large scale. The skilled artists of the Amateur Dramatics Club (ADC) infuse life into these performances. This theatre has been renovated recently to provide a memorable experience to visitors.

So, there is a long list of reasons that make Shimla the most favourite hill-station in India. Every visitor finds something special, and worth remembering in Shimla and that thing becomes his/her personal reason to love this hill station! Pay a visit to find your own reason to admire Shimla forever.

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