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Reasons You Should Install SSL On Your Website



For the sake of simplicity, let’s just begin with the definition first.

What exactly is SSL? And after that we’re going to tell you why should you have one installed on your website.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a tool which provides you a secure and private connection for you to work with your clients. It prevents harmful hackers or internet misusers from mishandling your private information including your personal details and thereby preventing them from even modifying it.

Here are the reasons as to why you should have an SSL application on your website. Read along.

Encrypts Sensitive Information

Suppose you are sending some information to a private agency and you want only them to read your information. You need to have the SSL certification for this purpose. There are several other computers or IPs in between your sender IP and your Receiver IP. In order for them to not be able to read your information like credit card information, personal details, usernames and passwords and many more, you need to make your information encrypted and send it through.

But then it is quite unfortunate that some websites often do not install the SSL certification. Poorly optimized websites give rise security issues which ultimately results in customer dissatisfaction. This could be bad for your company.

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An SSL certification also provides authentication. For example, while your users would be readily accessing your website and sending information, it can so happen that one of those computers acts to be your website and steals all kinds of personal information. But then having an SSL installed on your website means you don’t have to worry about this factor. It shows that the user you are sending your information to, is real and exists.

And you would get SSL certification only from providers who are certified. Certain providers like EV SSL certificates require more extensively checking and evaluation before you can get a certification.


SSL installed in your computers means you can be assured about your web connectivity. Usually this comes with a lock icon or a green symbol to show users that they have a secure connection. Only websites which have SSL installed in their codes will be allowed to have a lock symbol or a green icon for that matter.

HTTPs provide you safety against phishing attacks. Phishing email is the message sent by the hackers when hackers try to impersonate some website that isn’t theirs. SSL certification is very difficult to have for hackers because they wouldn’t have the green symbol or the lock icon and the users can easily find this out and not trust those websites.

PCI Compliance

In order to accept credit card information, it is very important that you have an SSL installed on your website. You have to qualify certain parameters in the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and having an SSL certification is one of them.

How Can You Install SSL Certification?

With the right kind of tools and the right knowledge, you can download SSL certification from the website itself. Make sure you generate your SSL certification in the same site that you had your CSR on.

There are ample of websites which give you the facility to check if you have got your SSL certification properly or not.

Any certification that is in between your certificate and your root certificate is called the ‘chain or intermediate certificate’. These must be installed on the web server with the primary certificate for your website so that the browser of your users can link your certificate easily to a trusted authority. Most certificate authorities use all those intermediate certificates for security requirements and most web servers and devices readily support them.

A wildcard certificate is also installed in the exact same way that a normal certificate is to be installed. The only difference lies in the character of the field of the common name. Nothing extra is to be installed on the server.

If you need to make a brand new certificate that is to be based on a new ‘private key’, you will be needing to reissue it. By re-issuing it you can install the same certification on a new server without even moving your private key or having to replace your certificate if any of your private keys are lost or stolen. Most certification authorities tend to offer free re-issues but some are always more flexible than the others. In order to re-issue your SSL certification you have to just create something new called a CSR, and then re-issue with your certification provider, and install those new certificates.

Most certification authorities would allow you to re-issue the certificate with a new private key, that is, only if you lose the current one. Anyway, it is a very good thing to back up your certificate and your private key.

Without your private key, your digital certificate is totally useless. It is not absolutely possible to recover your private key once it is completely lost. The certification authority that would create your SSL certification never would see the private key, and so they can not help you if by any chance, you lose it. If you lose the private key you can anway create a new private key and re-issue your certification.

Summing It Up

For any business to go successfully, it is imperative that they bring about a good and attractive website. The website is for your online audience. You would do so much of research and work extensively on your SEO just for ranking it high on the search engine result page. This would also require you to work on your website professionally. If you do not have knowledge or if you don’t want to do it all on your own, there are many wordpress website development companies. Consult with them and hire wordpress developer and they would be happy to help you in this regard.

If you are doing so much for your customers, ensure their safety as well. Besides, if you do not have the SSL certification installed in your website, you wouldn’t be getting the lock sign or a green symbol and your customers wouldn’t be trusting you.

So now you know why it is important to have SSL certification on your website

Tell us how you would go forward with your SSL certification, in the comments below. We would be absolutely more than happy to learn about it and also help you as best as we can with any matter.


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