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Recipe : Cornitos Hara Bhara Kebab Wrap

Flavourful wraps made by you (Ready to Cook)

Time of Preparation – 10 min

Cornitos DIY Kit HARA BHARA KEBAB WRAP – 1 Box  (Contents are Cornitos Tortilla Wrap (270g – 6 wraps) + Hara Bhara Kebab Premix (120gm) + Seasoning (10gm) + Cornitos Salsa (100 gm – 2cups, 50gm each)
Regular Oil (120ml)
Olive Oil (10ml)
Tomato Juliennes (180gm)
Onion Rings (180gm)
Lettuce (180gm)

Mint Mayonnaise (180ml)
Sweet Onion Sauce (180ml)

PROCESS is simple given below
Add 240 ml (1 cup) of lukewarm water to 120 gm of Premix, knead well and leave for 5 minutes.
Make Kebabs of approx 30 gm each. You will get 12 Kebabs from 1 pack of Premix. Recommended 2 Kebab for each wrap.
Fry them in hot Oil until crisp and brown, for healthy option air-fry or sauté the Kebabs.
Heat the Tortilla Wrap on a pan for 15 sec on both sides and remove.
Place the Veggies in the center of the Tortilla Wrap and top it up with Hara Bhara Kebabs.
Add the Cornitos Salsa, Mint Mayo and Sweet Onion over the Kebabs and sprinkle the Seasoning.
Roll it tightly, apply little Olive Oil and grill it in a pre-heated Griller.
Cook it well on all sides, Cut it into two and serve.

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