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Recipe: Gulab Jamun ki sabzi

gulab janmunIt might sound absurd, but the gulab jamun ki sabzi tastes nothing less than ‘malai koftas’. It is not that much a famous dish of Rajasthan, but people do make it there, and in other parts of the country too.

Read the recipe below, and you would thank us for sharing this unique recipe:

⦁ Take instant gulan jamun mix and prepare the balls and deep fry them in oil, the same way we do for making gulab jamuns
⦁ Once the balls are fried keep them aside
⦁ Heat oil in a pan, and add cumin seeds
⦁ Then add finely chopped onions and fry until it becomes light brown
⦁ Add half a cup of tomato puree and cook it for 4-5 minutes
⦁ Then add salt, turmeric powder, red chilly powder, coriander powder, black pepper, and garam masala
⦁ Once the oil start to separate, add a little bit of water
⦁ Then add cashew nut paste and cook the masala completely
⦁ Towards the end, add cream into the pan and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes
⦁ Finally add the fried gulab jamun ball into the gravy, and turn the flame off
⦁ Garnish with chopped coriander leaves, and serve hot with any bread of your choice


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