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Recipe : Thai Chilli Cigar Roll

thai cigar role

Thai Chilli Cigar Roll  
Sl. No Ingredients Measurement UOM  
1 Cabbage 60 Gm  
2 Carrot 60 Gm  
3 Pokchoi 60 Gm  
4 Onion Spring 50 Gm  
5 Bean Thred Noodles 30 Gm  
6 Thai Chili Paste 20 Gm  
7 Thai Red Curry Paste 10 Gm  
8 Bell Peppers 30 Gm  
9 Fresh Basil 5 Gm  
10 Spring Roll Sheet 60 Gm  
11 Oil Soya bean 30 Ml  


  1. Heat oil add all julinees of vegetable.
  2. Bean thread noodles and season it.      
  3. Add Thai chili paste and Thai red curry paste and sauté a while.              
  4. Add basil and little sugar.                         
  5.  Take spring roll sheet and cut into half. Now put vegetable mixture on it and roll it titely. Sprinkle little corn flour as dusting.
  6. Heat oil and deep fry it crispy.            
  7. Serve hot with sweet chili sauce. 

BY: Del MOnte

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