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Recipe : Tofu Delight Crumbled Burger with homemade lettuce tartar sauce


Ingredients for the burger:Burger buns 2, Tofu steak 2, Breadcrumbs 220 grams , Chopped dill 2tbsp, Salt to taste, Black pepper ¼ tsp , Oil 2-3 tbsp, Flour 2 tbsp, Water 1 tbsp, Butter 1tbsp.

For Yogurt Sauce:Hung curd 4tbsp, Grated garlic 1/8th tsp, Chopped fresh coriander 1tbsp, finely chopped mint 1tbsp, Chopped lettuce 2tbsp, Lemon juice 1tbsp.

Baked potato chips: Red potatoes 7-8, Cayenne pepper 1tbsp, Salt and pepper, Olive Oil.


(1) For the Tofu steak, scale-out half inch thick slices of tofu steak,

(2) Season the flour, mix it properly with water, and make smooth slurry,

(3) Now mix breadcrumbs with dill also add salt and black pepper,

(4) Switch on the pan, drizzle some oil on it. Dip tofu steak in flour slurry, and then coat it properly with breadcrumb,

(5) Heat pan, drizzle oil, gently place the tofu steak on the pan. Sear till golden,

(6) Spread butter on burgers bun and toast on a hot pan till edges turn golden,

(7) To make the yogurt sauce, mix all the ingredients together in a bowl,

(8) To assemble the burger, spread yogurt sauce on the lower bun and place the tofu patty, now again spread some yogurt sauce, and place the top bun. Your burger is ready,

(9) Let’s start with baked potato chips; first, we need to preheat our oven at 250 degrees for minimum 10 minutes,

(10) Peel and Chop the potatoes in a way sort of like french fries,

(11) Balance them in the boiling water for 3-4 minutes, drain it, and then sprinkle salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper, mix it properly so that they get nicely coated with everything.

(12) In a roasting tray, drizzle 1tbsp of oil spread the potato nicely and bake for 30-40 minutes or till golden. 


BY: Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay


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