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Recipe : panna cotta


Eggs: 6 No

Caster Sugar: 225gm

Corn flour: 60gm

Milk: 900ml

Gelatin Powder: .023gm

Apple green flavor colour: .002gm

Orange flavor colour: .002gm


  • Add milk to a pan on medium heat and bring it to a boil, once heated add the caster sugar and let it melt without changing its colour
  • Remove it from the heat and whisk in the egg yolk in the mixture
  • Blend in the corn flour till it emulsify all together
  • Add gelatin powder and strain the mixture through a fine sieve so that no particles are there
  • Separate the mixture into three separate bowls
  • Add Apple Green flavor Colour in one bowl and Orange flavor Colour in the second bowl
  • Pour the apple green mixture in the glass and store in the chiller for cooling down till it form a jelly type consistency
  • After that pour in the plain mixture in the glass and keep it in the chiller for cooling down
  • After cooling down pour in the orange flavor mixture in the glass and set it in the chiller
  • Serve cold and garnish it with candy fruit or cherry

BY: Chef Abhijeet H Khot, The Den Bengaluru

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