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Recipes to make Custard, Filipino Purple Yam Ice Cream and Day & Night Cake

Milk has is an immense source of calcium, it maintains bone thickness and is also essential for nerve function and blood clotting. Sodium in milk functions in stimulating the adrenal glands. Milk has Potassium which is required for muscle activity. 

If a product of milk is branded as “organic,” it generally implies that it has come from cows fed. Organic milk is not given any antibiotics or added growth hormones. Here are 3 easy recipes of organic milk cream for you:

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Custard: It is easy to cook and delicious healthy food. Heat organic milk in a saucepan with vanilla and honey and take to almost boiling point. Add eggs and corn flour in a stainless steel mixing bowl until mixed. Pour the hot organic milk over the eggs and fluff up in well. Pour the egg mix back into the saucepan and cook over a mild heat. Then remove it from the heat and pour back into the mixing bowl. Whisk well to a little cold. Then your custard is ready.

Filipino Purple Yam Ice Cream newspatrolling

Filipino Purple Yam Ice Cream: Buy ‘Ube’ (a purple coloured yam in frozen form) from any Indonesian grocer. Steam the grated purple yam for 15 minutes. Softly boil organic milk and sugar. Switch of the flame once the sugar melts. Then crush the purple yam with a fork. Add both purple yam and milk with sugar in a container and crack down. Add the thickened cream and strain the mixture and remove all lumps. Place the mixture in your ice cream machine. Keep it for at least 4 hours and then serve the ice cream with a fork.

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Day and Night Cake: Add 2 litres of fresh organic cream milk into a saucepan on medium heat. Separate the cocoa while the milk is gently boiling. Add 1/2 cup of strained plain flour into the milk. Keep straining flour and cocoa until the milk starts to thicken with a chocolate colour. Stir well. While stirring, add the vanilla essence and keep stirring. Add one cup of sugar. Grate one whole lemon’s taste using the smallest holes on your grater. Stir again. Once it’s thickened, turn off the heat and leave it to cool down a little. Prepare a round tray and cover with aluminium foil and fold underneath the tray. Make sure you use a newspaper underneath. Add a cup of milk for soaking the biscuits in a small cup. Add 2 tbsp of whiskey. Add milk arrowroot biscuits. Dip each biscuit into the milk and mix the whiskey. Place the biscuits around the outside of the tray. Once you have covered your first layer with biscuits, find some warmish custard. It shouldn’t be set. Now wrap the biscuits with a lean layer of custard. Once you’ve covered the biscuits with the chocolate custard, start a new layer of biscuit directly on top of the earlier layer. Add another layer of chocolate custard. Keep covering each layer of biscuit with custard. Now completely cover your biscuit layers with the chocolate custard. You don’t require pressing down the biscuit. Add with dried coconut. Fill in carefully with chocolate sprinkles and hundreds and thousands.

Try these and make your boring organic milk into a tasty one.


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