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#ReConnect 2021 UK-China Contemporary Culture Festival launched

  • #ReConnect – a hybrid festival featuring online and offline work by leading British art and cultural organisations and artists, launched by the British Council.
  • Partnering with over 35 cultural organisations from the UK and China, the Festival offers thought provoking and stimulating experiences with British arts and culture.
  • The Festival presents the diverse breadth of contemporary UK arts, culture and education to inspire and connect audiences in China and beyond with British creativity.
  • The Festival aims to strengthen the connection between China and the UK through shared values in culture and education.
  BEIJING, KUNMING, SHANGHAI, SHENZHEN AND ZHENGZHOU - Media OutReach - 6 September 2021 - The British Council launched the 2021 UK-China Contemporary Culture Festival. Titled #ReConnect, this year's edition is a hybrid festival featuring work by leading British art and cultural organisations and artists via online and offline platforms, offering audiences in China an opportunity to reconnect with British art from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. Organised by the British Council, the UK's international organisation for cultural relations and education opportunities, and sponsored by the Welsh Government, the festival will present nearly 40 cultural performances and projects online and offline in multiple cities across China between 1 and 20 September 2021.   "We are delighted to be a partner of the British Council, supporting the 2021 UK-China Contemporary Culture Festival to give people in China an opportunity to experience three wonderful examples of art and culture from Wales.The theme of the festival, reconnecting, is more important now than ever – reconnecting with our environment and our communities, both locally and across borders. I hope our contribution to the festival will encourage audiences to do just that, building new cultural connections between our two nations" said Rt Hon Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales.   Focusing on three different themes, the Festival will encourage audiences to #ReConnect with nature, community and the self through a variety of exhibitions, talks, panel discussions, film screenings and performances. #ReConnect with Nature will explore the deep relationship between humans and nature; #ReConnect with Community will explore the connection and consequence of human experience and our community; and #ReConnect with Self will support individuals to increase empathy and self-awareness.   Highlight projects under #ReConnect with Nature include:
  • British visual artist Celyn Bricker's first solo exhibition in China, titled The Fifth Season. Bringing together interactive, AI generated artworks, paintings and prototypes, the exhibition held in Beijing will explore our relationship with nature and new technology.
  • An online talk held in partnership with the Natural History Museum, -titled Our Broken Planet: How We Got Here and Ways to Fix It will see young changemakers from the UK and China debate why and how our relationship with the natural world needs to change.
  • Eye of the Storm, a documentary film featuring Scottish landscape painter James Morrison will be screened in Shanghai, directed by award-winning director Anthony Baxter.
  • Dog Ballet, from the London International Festival of Theatre, is a webinar about a new participatory work of public art to celebrate the community around dogs and their owners to appreciate the joy and tenderness that can be found in these relationships of mutual care.
  #ReConnect with Community will share work from the UK that places emphasis on the changing nature of community, as well as talks from leading arts and cultural experts alongside knowledge sharing events from dance and theatre producers. Selected highlights include:
  • O'r Graig, a short documentary featuring slate mines in North Wales, which have recently been designated UNESCO heritage status.
  • Journey to the Eyeth Art, a virtual art gallery showcasing the creativity of deaf artists in an imaginary world called Eyeth and a celebration of inclusiveness in the art for all.
  • Match Make is a series of short films which paired 8 dance artists and 8 artist collaborators during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, which include natural, industrial, rural, urban and coastal settings throughout Northern Ireland.
  #ReConnect with Self will focus on activities that explore mental health and well-being. Highlight projects include:
  • Time to Dance China, an international digital collaboration between the Scottish Ballet and Shanghai International Dance Centre designed to deliver dementia-friendly dance activities for elderly people as well as a dance film screening.
  • An online solo exhibition of works by award-winning British artist Sir Christopher Le Brun, in addition to an online talk between Sir Christopher Le Brun and renowned art critic, writer and curator Shen Qilan.
  "At this time of limited travel, we are excited to once again bring some of the most dynamic and vibrant artistic and cultural performances, exhibitions and talks from the UK to audiences in China and offer people the choice to experience these in person or online. With the theme of #ReConnect, we hope to inspire our audience to re-evaluate their relationship with the natural environment, their community, and themselves. The world is going though unprecedented changes at this time, and arts and culture have the power to bring people together through presenting programmes in partnership with institutions and artists in the UK and China. The Festival acts as a platform to share knowledge, spark discussions and stimulate thinking among our audiences." Said Rehana Mughal, Director Arts for the British Council China.   Programme list






  ReConnect with Nature  
1 British Library Exhibitions in Two Cities: London – Shenzhen   Sept 1 - 20 British Library Online showcase England
2 Affiliated Event – The Fifth Season by Celyn Bricker  (online talk) Sept 18 Winland Online event   England/Beijing  
3 Broken Planet Programme (online talk for climate change between Glasgow and Kunming) Sept 17 Natural History Museum Online event England/Scotland/Kunming
4 Eye of the Storm documentary featuring Scottish landscape painter James Morrison in Shanghai Sept 16 Montrose Pictures Offline event Scotland/Shanghai
5 Eye of the Storm documentary featuring Scottish landscape painter James Morrison in Shanghai   Sept 19 Montrose Pictures   Online showcase Scotland  
6 Our Future Planet (Films and talks for Sustainability and the impact of Climate Change) Sept 1 - 20 Science Museum Group Online showcase England
7 The Children of Lir (performances of raising environmental awareness) Sept 1 - 20 Folk NI Theatre Online showcase Northern Ireland
8 Dog Ballet (Webinar) Sept 15 London International Festival of Theatre   Online event England
9 CURRENT (films of the exhibition) Sept 13 - 20 Cooper Gallery Online showcase Scotland
10 Design and Sustainable Business Futures (panel discussion with Joey Pringle and others) TBC Veshin Factory Online Event England
  ReConnect with Community  
11 Making Matters Sept 13 - 20 IM Online showcase Across UK
12 Short Film Project for Female Directors (panel discussion) Sept 12 Encounters Film Festival, One International Women's Festival Online event England/Beijing
13 Breathe and Draw (Orchestra Music) Sept 1 - 20   Nevis Ensemble   Online showcase Scotland
14 Mojo Mickybo (theatre film)   Sept 1 - 20 Bruiser Theatre Company   Online showcase Northern Ireland
15 Songs for Heritage and Culture of Northern Ireland   Sept 6 – 20   Brigid O'Neill   Online showcase Northern Ireland  
16 Match Make (8 short films)   Sept 1 - 20   Maiden Voyage Dance Company   Online showcase Northern Ireland  
17 Plethu/Weave Project (series of dance-poetry performance films)   Sept 1 - 20   National Dance Company Wales, Literature Wales   Online showcase Wales
18 Nurture (performance film)   Sept 1 - 20   Bbeyond Online showcase Northern Ireland  
19 Creative Ageing in Scotland (online talk by Luminate Festival) Sept 1 - 20   Luminate Festival Online showcase Scotland
20 O'r Graig (short documentary of UNESCO world heritage slate in North Wales) Sept 1 - 20   Wicked Wales Film Online showcase Wales
21 Beijing Stories (film screening) Sept 1 - 20 Scottish Documentary Institute Online showcase Scotland
22 Beijing Stories (artist talk) Sept 20 Scottish Documentary Institute   Online event Scotland  
23 Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth an introduction speaker: Nikki Locke Sept 16 British Council Online event Across UK
24 Deaf Culture Online Exhibition curated by Zhou Jiayi Sept 1 - 20   Artist Jiayi Zhou Online showcase Across UK
25 Selector Online Competition Sept 15 British Council Online Showcase Across UK
  ReConnect with Self  
26 [Hé] Scottish Dance Theatre x Shanghai International Dance Centre Collaboration (dance film screening) Sept 1- 20 Scottish Dance Theatre, Shanghai International Dance Centre Online showcase Scotland
27 Time to Dance (film screening) Sept 7 Scottish Ballet, Luminous Festival Online showcase Scotland
28 Notes on Stone (Anna Mahler) film screening Sept 10 - 20 Stephenson Art Online showcase England
29 Future of Art Education (film screening & panel discussion)   Sept 16   Cloud Intelligence Online event Beijing
30 Affiliated event -Solo Exhibition of works by Sir Christopher Le Brun  (online talk with artist Sir Christopher Le Brun & Shen Qilan) Sept 13 Lisson Gallery Online event England/Shenzhen
31 Affiliated event - Italian Renaissance Drawings Sept 17 British Museum, M Woods Online event England/Beijing
32 Affiliated event - Masterpieces in Miniature: Treasures from the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection Sept 19 V&A Museum Offline event   England/Zhengzhou
33 Glass Meet the Future short films Sept 1-20 North Lands Creative   Online showcase Scotland
34 Artes Mundi Prabhakar Pachpute Exhibition (artist introduction) Sept 1-20   ARTES MUNDI   Online showcase   Wales
35 Origin to Future Thinking, podcast with Farooq Chaudhry, Xu Rui, and Rui Fu Sept 1-20 China House Arts Online showcase England
36 2021 British Classical Art Film Festival at Lumiere Beijing, New Live Screenings Sept 1-5 New Live Offline showcase  
    Media kit   #ReConnect 2021 UK-China Contemporary Culture Festival   Organiser: British Council Sponsor: The Welsh Government Period: 1-20 September 2021 Festival portal: British Council WeChat 'bc-china' and 'UK_NOW' British Council Weibo @英国大使馆文化教育处, @艺述英国 Festival visual material bank: Baidu Cloud Link: Pin: p7wt   Notes to editors   The Welsh Government   Wales is a country in the UK with distinctive traditions, heritage, culture and language. It is known as a land of song and a country steeped in myth and legend, which, when you see the awe-inspiring landscape, is no surprise.   The Welsh national anthem picks out 'beirdd a chantorion' – the poets and singers – for special mention. Today, the Welsh music and arts scenes are alive with the sounds of bilingual music, poetry, art, and everything in between.   Learn more about Wales at   #BritishCouncil #ReConnect  

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The British Council is the UK's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We build connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education and the English language. Last year we reached over 80 million people directly and 791 million people overall including online, broadcasts and publications. Founded in 1934 we are a UK charity governed by Royal Charter and a UK public body. We receive a 15 per cent core funding grant from the UK government. Please visit our official website in Chinese and English for detailed programme. Festival visual material bank: Baidu Cloud Link: Pin: p7wt   We will update our programme on daily basis through our social media accounts, please stay tuned with us on: Weibo @英国大使馆文化教育处 @艺述英国 Wechat bc-china (英国大使馆文化教育处)   UK_NOW (艺述英国)

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