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Red wine or white wine-the choice is completely yours

For wine lovers, there is not one gourmet dine out, where they would wish to give it a miss. For they know their wine instinctively. For them, it is not important to learn that there are health benefits attached to wine. They know the most, and have reached a phase of their beautiful wine journey; to comprehend only their own liking better. Still, for many of us, wine is somewhat a cocktail of feelings in our mind. We may like that sparkling glass of wine, but we are no wine connoisseurs any-how. For all beginners, the trick is to get familiar: till we learn, unlearn, and again learn, as you go through your personal journey of wine.


If you are still aspiring to be a wine person, then take these points as your first friendly tutorial- all essentially about wine.

1. Understand your pallet. You may be a Red wine person, a white wine person, or both. Don’t just go by the health facts attached. First acquire the right taste for it. Then, there is the transparent sparkling wine too
2. Red wine can be tried anytime. Pair it with your food to enjoy your drink
3. Red wine has to be served at room temperature
4. Keep the white wine in the closet for a special romantic evening. If not literally, it is best meant to be enjoys in evening outs
5. White wine is served as chilled
6. Don’t overdo it first few times. The sweet and sour taste may make you feel- the more the merrier. However, it’s still alcohol
7. Drink it with style. If you are the host, serve it with style. Have special wine glasses at home in the cellar-hanging with temptation
8. Fill the glass with measured portions. It is usually a slow consumption drink: just fill one-fourth of the glass in each serve
9. Last but not the least. Experience helps you learn. Explore your taste buds to drink wine. If you have it in you- then you are prepared to walk the path of unraveling the best in wine


By: Pooja Bhatia

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