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Relive your childhood!

Throw aside the mundane tasks of everyday, forget your office, ditch your phone, dump your worries and become a child again! Come on ground and just PLAY!

Mudathon India 2015

When was the last time you jumped, played or just rolled on the ground? 

Every now and then, we all nurture the desire to go back to our childhood and just be kids, but hardly do we act on it! Working on this desire, Spaced Out Spirits have launched Mudathon 2015, which would take place in Nasik on 3rd& 4th October, 2015.

Mudathon will consist of a track stretching 1.5 kms, and the best of all, it will all be in mud. The track would include 12 obstacles which participants would have to cross as a team or individually as they reach the finish line. An exciting obstacle track comprising of inflatable tubes, slides, tunnels, ice tanks, barb wires, giant steps, rope maze, inline climbs and wooden hurdles is being laden for this grand event. And this is not all! The Mudathon obstacle course would be followed by a Mud Party with a great line-up of artists performing.

Participants have already started to show great enthusiasm and interest for the event from all over and around Nasik including Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and even Surat& Ahmedabad. The participants would be able to enjoy the Mudathon and Mud Party and retire into their tents for a moonlight camping experience.

Apart from the main attraction, activities such as a mud therapy, chocolate wrestling, zip-line and martial arts are also on offer for the participants. Participants can participate as a team or as individuals for the event.



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