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Renowned Graphologist – Aditi Surana

Aditi Surana newspatrollingThe strokes of your hand (writing) are the strokes of your brain. We all have (brain) patterns that we’ve learned through experiences, circumstances, from our family and the people closest to us. These patterns are unique entirely to us and include rooted emotions like fear, aggression, self-esteem and of course love and happiness too! Most of the complexities in our everyday lives like the lack of money, troubled relationships and businesses, and failed parenting, interestingly stem from these feelings that we unconsciously ignore. But if these are involuntarily learnt, they can also as easily be unlearnt.

Graphology is a well-researched and documented science that can be used to assess and provide insight beyond conventional methods, mainly because an individual’s handwriting leaves little room for maneuvering; the parameters for measurement are unknown.

Aditi Surana uses the Gestalt and Trait analysis methods that she combines with her intuition to reveal a complete snapshot that often times startles the receiver in its clarity and accuracy. What sets her apart at this point though is being able to bring meaning to this reading of the handwriting sample – which she has developed over years into a ‘handwriting therapy’. Simple daily regimens – lasting either 15, 30 or 45 days – of about 20 minutes each has time and again demonstrated immeasurable shifts for individuals and organizations looking for a tangible in their overall outlook.

This is more effective when the program is customized according to the individual’s needs. For instance, individuals can start with a beginner’s level workshop about handwriting strokes, then choose to have their handwriting analyzed and begin a personalized Signature or Stroke Therapy module. Their choice depends solely on the specific areas they’d like to address. They can even make a deeper personal commitment to themselves and be coached by Aditi herself with methods she has learnt through her years of experience with consciousness and personal development.

Similarly, organizations can consult Aditi, where together they can set the pace for the change they’d like to create. Beginning with simple talks to start a dialogue on self-assessment with their employees, the organization can then proceed onto coaching their higher management to transition into newer roles, thought processes, or even look at the true identity of their organization wholly via their logo. Logography or quite simply the study of the moniker can tell the tale of an organization’s aspirations, the journey it would like to take, the hurdles it would face or surpass, the clients and employees it would like to attract, etc. So just like an individual, an organization too can work on its personality in a scientific yet therapeutic manner.


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