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Repair your corrupted SD card of mobile with these 6 useful ways

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With such a huge amount of data we are carrying in our phones these days, SD card is undeniably the most important part of our phones. Though today’s smart phones are equipped with a memory of their own, SD card is still majorly utilized by people for its ease of use.

The glitch of using technology in our day-to-day life is that we might have to face some complications associated with it and go for a mobile repair or the service related to screen repair or something related to it. And if you think that your SD card is far from getting disrupted, then think again.

Your SD Card can get corrupted through:

  • Physical damage
  • Abrupt removal or insertion of SD Card
  • Malfunction in Operating System
  • Accumulation of bad sectors in card
  • Virus attack
  • Inaccurate formatting of SD card
  • Manufacturing defects

All these actually sums up that your SD Card has a high probability of getting corrupted. But do not fret too much. You can surely save your data, your precious photos or videos with these simple yet impactful ways.

  1. Connect your SD Card to another device: It might be possible that your SD Card is not corrupted at all instead it is not getting compatible with your current device.

But, how to verify this?

Remove your SD card from your device and connect it to another mobile. If it gets detected and all your files or documents are displayed, then your SD card is not at all corrupted.

  1. SD Card Renaming: This is the most common and easiest method of repairing your SD Card corruption. Rename here means naming the drive. Giving a new name would enforce your Android device to read it differently and in turn can bring your photos, music files again in the display.

How to rename it?

  • Insert the card in your PC
  • Use right-click on ‘This PC’ and choose ‘Manage’.
  • A new window will get opened from where you can select ‘Disk Management’
  • Within this find your SD Card, right click and select ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths’ option.
  • Make the changes and unplug your card.
  1. Go for ‘Chkdsk’ command:
  • Put your card into card reader and connect it to your system.
  • Open the Command Prompt and run it as an administrator.
  • Check your drive letter from My Computer.
  • On cmd, type ‘chkdsk’, followed by card’s drive letter, a “:” and /f. For example- chkdsk h:/f
  • After writing your command, click Enter. You card repairing process will start soon.
  1. Check it for virus: It is definitely possible that your SD Card is infected with a virus. This might be the reason that your Android device is not able to read it properly. For repairing it, you can make use of third-party software and detect the issue. Software like Recuva, Rescue Pro, easeUS partition would help you in extracting data from your corrupted card.
  1. Format your SD Card: It might be possible that you can read all the files but cannot save them. This would mean that they are in write protected mode. But, even after removing the protection mode if you are unable to read or write, then fix the problem by formatting the card.

Before formatting your card, make a backup of all your stored files. Just remember to make a copy before you format your SD Card.

  1. Make use of Windows or Mac: Your PC can be equally helpful in repairing of your corrupted SD Card. If your SD card is infected with virus, then these operating systems have the appropriate tools to debug and troubleshoot the problem.

Go through these steps in your Windows system:

  • Click on ‘This PC’ and right click on SD card drive. Choose the option of ‘Properties’.
  • Within the ‘Properties’ option, click on ‘Tools’ option.
  • Press the ‘Check’ button and scan your SD card for errors.

If you are a Mac owner, then perform these steps.

  • Go to ‘Utilities’ menu and choose ‘Disk Utility’ program.
  • Select the SD Card and click on ‘First Aid’ tab.
  • Start your troubleshooting process after clicking the ‘Repair Disk’ button.

Try out these effective measures and get your SD card repaired. Make a backup of your data and save it from getting wiped out. 

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