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Researchers found new night vision drops

WASHINGTON: US Researchers has found special kind of eye drops to give temporary night vision, that allows him to see over 50 metres in the dark.

This night vision drops successfully induced in a human test subject by injecting a liquid solution directly into the eyes by a group of biohackers based in Tehachapi, California. They used a kind of chlorophyll analog called Chlorin e6, which is found in some deep-sea fish and is used as an method in treating night blindness. The whitepapers papers talking about having it injected in models like rats, and been used in veins.

Tibbetts dripped 50 microlitres of Ce6, that is a low dose, into one the team researcher eyes, which carried the chemical to the retina.

Researchers went into a dark field to test Licina’s vision, First, Licina could identify shapes about 10 metres away. After a short while he could see longer distances and recognise symbols and identify moving subjects against different backgrounds.

Also the team will go up with night vision experiment with more rigorous tests.

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