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Resil Launches new Vista Kleenview for clear and haze-free windscreens

Vista Car Care™, an automotive detailing brand from the house of Resil Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, aims at beautifying your car. The bird-dropping or dirt settled on your car’s windshield is an eyesore. Vista introduces a hassle-free and convenient solution for your dirty windshield. Vista Kleenview is a concentrated windshield cleaner with effective cleaning properties which are safe on laminated and toughened wind
Kleenview is added to the automated windshield water cleaner reservoir within an individual’s car. On every application, Kleenview ensures that the car windshield gets free of dirt and grime. It effectively cleans road grime, tree sap and insect spatter. Vista Kleenview is completely safe on laminated and toughened wind screens. It is also haze, halo and streak free.
Vista Kleenview is biodegradable safe on the skin and is ammonia-free.
Availability: At all Auto accessory retail outlets.


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