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Respiratory problems being faced by people due to various reasons and their remedies

The sudden change in the weather has led to a rise in respiratory cases. Residue from vehicles, a steep increase in public transport and smog are a few reasons for respiratory problems faced by people. These dust particles directly enter our nostrils and cause respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia to name a few. Another reason contributing to the rise in respiratory problems is environmental changes. Changes in the environment result in the decay of old viruses and the birth of new ones. Our immunity system is accustomed to fighting old viruses and takes time to fight back new viruses. Hence, our body is not ready for this attack and since our respiratory system is in direct contact with the environment, we face episodes of respiratory attacks.

The third reason for the rise in respiratory ailments is low immunity. Most of the fruits and vegetables are poisoned with uncontrollable amounts of chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides which in turn weaken our system. Our food also plays an important role in building our immune system, junk foods like pizza, burger, carbonated drinks don’t provide sufficient nutrition to your body. 

Another important aspect is the lack of physical activity. With our fast-paced lives, we often forget to take care of our bodies and skip working out. Physical activity checks our metabolism and cellular activity. In the absence of physical activity, our body needs additional support to keep the immune system strong. 

Respiratory Ailments along with their Remedies 

1. Asthma 

Asthma is a condition in which the person’s airway becomes narrow, inflamed, and causes difficulty in breathing. A person suffering from asthma usually generates a lot of mucous as compared to a normal human being. Since, they have a narrow airway, air pollution, dirt or some only aggravate their conditions. Common symptoms include difficulty in breathing, chest pain, cough, wheezing. The symptoms can flare up due to various reasons and the affected person needs to be treated immediately. Asthma can be minor or life-threatening, it is important to take care of the patient. Here a few remedies that help keep your asthma attacks in check.


The typical asthma treatment can be an inhaler, but in situations when without an inhaler the person must take deep breaths and try to divert your attention from the attack. 

Common home-remedies to cure asthma are weight loss, yoga, and measured intake of caffeine.

2. Bronchitis 

Inflammation in the lining of the bronchial tubes which carries air to and from the lungs is called bronchitis. Common symptoms include coughing up thickened mucous and shortness of breath. While antibiotics are usually avoided, soothing treatments to reduce the cough are given to the patient. Bronchitis can lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 


It is possible to treat acute bronchitis using home remedies. Here a few home remedies that might help clear bronchitis. 


Ginger is considered one of the best home remedies to treat any respiratory disease. Ginger can be consumed raw, as a juice or candy. However, do not take ginger as a supplement in case you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, have diabetes, heart problems, or blood disorder. 


This yellow-colored herb is extensively used to treat common cough and cold. To take turmeric, you can add turmeric to your pickles and salad, or consume turmeric capsules or make a powdered tea using the powder. 

3. Pneumonia 

If a person has Inflammation of one or both air sacs, filled with fluid then he’s said to be suffering from pneumonia. The air-sacs get filled with a liquid or pus, which can be life-threatening to infants, kids, and individuals over 65. Various viruses and bacteria contribute to pneumonia. Common symptoms include coughing with pus or phlegm, fever, chills, and difficulty in breathing. While antibiotics can be used to treat pneumonia, some conditions are cured using vaccines also. 


If you’re coughing, gargle with salt water. To make saltwater, boil water and transfer it to a cup. Now add half a teaspoon of salt and use this water to gargle your mouth every day. 

Hot peppermint tea can also keep your cough under control. 

4. Tuberculosis 

A serious infectious bacterial disease that affects the lungs is called tuberculosis. The bacteria of the infected person can be transmitted via coughing or sneezing. Symptoms are usually not identified initially however if the condition worsens, one can observe symptoms like cough along with blood, weight loss, night sweats, and fever. Treatment is not required to incase of unidentified symptoms, but otherwise, a long dosage of medication and antibiotics can help cure the diseases. 


While there are no home remedies to cure tuberculosis, medication often goes on for 6 months. It takes six months for the bacteria to become passive. 

5. Lung cancer

Cancer that usually affects the lungs commonly seen in people who smoke. There are two types of lung cancer non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer. Causes of lung cancer include smoking, exposure to smoke, exposure to toxins, and hereditary history. Common symptoms found in people suffering from lung cancer are coughing with blood, chest pain, weight loss, and wheezing. These symptoms can be misidentified until the cancer is advanced. 


Lung cancer requires to be treated under medical guidance. Treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy.

Respiratory ailments are caused due to air pollution, dirt, and dust. Keep your house clean. Weekly dust your house to avoid inflammation of already existing conditions, if any. Use hand sanitizers, hand wipes and disinfectants to clear the dust and grime away. 


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