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Responsibility, Values and Health – R&M

 New Sustainability Report published by cabling manufacturer R&M. Year of the pandemic handled well. Only a few cases of COVID-19. Less packaging and transport.
BENGALURU, India/WETZIKON, Switzerland – April 20, 2021
R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, acts conscientiously in all aspects, as demonstrated by the new Sustainability Report. With the CSER Report, which has been compiled for more than ten years, R&M documents its ethical commitment in corporate, social and ecological terms. It serves as proof of R&M’s integrity and responsibility to partners and customers worldwide.
The CSER (Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility) Report looks back on the developments of the past two years. The COVID-19 pandemic played a special role. “We are proud to have been able to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in 2020 in such a flexible and resilient way,” said R&M CEO at Michel Riva. A task force was set up at headquarters in Wetzikon in the early stages of the pandemic. It ensured the supply of materials as well as the ability to produce and deliver. R&M was able to supply customers and projects worldwide on time and in full. Michel Riva: “Delivery quality is one of R&M’s strengths. Fair relationships with suppliers and excellent links with logistics partners have always been part of our sustainability strategy.”
Official directives have top priority
All 13 R&M plants immediately implemented local government directives. They introduced strict hygiene rules and adapted the production processes to comply with safety recommendations. Older employees and members of at-risk groups worked from home from March 2020. “To date, there have only been a few isolated cases of COVID-19 among our 1,250 employees worldwide. The health and safety of our employees is our highest priority,” said CEO Michel Riva.
But health has not only been a focus at R&M since the pandemic. Various programs are implemented, adapted to local requirements. For years now, the R&M Headquarters has held regular fitness events on the topics of ‘Exercise, Nutrition and Mental Health‘. A health screening program was carried out for the entire workforce at the Indian plant in 2019. R&M Brazil participates in nationwide programs such as the ‘Pink October‘ initiative for women on breast cancer – to name but a few.
Education is the foundation of success
R&M attaches great importance to sustainable education. Specific support is provided for employees and managers. In the period under review, 28 % of employees took part in practical training sessions. The vocational training rate at R&M Headquarters is above the Swiss average. For decades, an above-average number of apprentices have been trained in various professions in accordance with the dual professional education system. R&M also trains apprentices in Bulgaria as part of a government project. The first four trainees completed their four-year apprenticeship in Sofia in the fall of 2020. In the summer of 2019, R&M also launched a training program for young engineers in Bulgaria. At the Dubai site, R&M offers internships for students.
For R&M, sustainability and corporate responsibility mean growing sustainably,” said CEO Michel Riva. The latest acquisitions in the US and China are contributing to this. A second plant was commissioned in China in 2020. Michel Riva: “In this way, we promote local production for the respective markets and reduce the global movement of goods.”
With individual measures, R&M is continuously improving its carbon footprint. For example, since 2020 data center operators have been able to order certain fiber optic distributors completely pre-assembled. This reduces packaging waste by 67 % in comparison to the delivery of the single parts. And CO2 emissions in the distribution of fiber optic distributors fall by 76 %.
The CSER Report shows that the R&M Group maintains the balance between economic, ecological and social perspectives worldwide. The sustainability approach will carry the company into the future,” said CEO Michel Riva with conviction.

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