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Restroom décor ideas

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Restroom is a necessity and most people keep it bare minimal. They want it to serve its functional purpose and that is all. They hardly give a thought about its aesthetics. Since, restrooms are used often and some people start their days here, it is important to pay attention to its décor. It can decide your mood for the rest of the day. Yes, restroom and its décor are that important.

There’s a lot of things you can do while decorating your restroom.

Here are a few tips that may help you:

Basics: A camod, a cabinet, a bathtub/shower, a small mirror, and a wash basin are a few necessary items that you must have in your restroom. While some of them are already installed by your landlord, you may not get everything. Check what are included in your landlord furniture package and the rest you can get from any furniture rental packages – in case you don’t want to buy them.

Storage: Instead of doing it the traditional way by having a cabinet to store your toiletries, you can use a storage ladder. It will definitely improve the aesthetics of your restroom. It will give it a modern look. You can either include a ladder in your furniture rental package or use your grandpa’s old ladder and modify it accordingly.

Space savers: If your restroom isn’t spacious and you cannot do a lot of experiment, then it is better to opt for space saving designs like sliding doors for your cabinet or the restroom itself. Even wall mounted shelves can help you save space. These small things can improve the aesthetics of your restroom, while also making efficient use of space. These things must be included in landlord furniture package, as the space is something that won’t change no matter who the tenant is.

Towel rack and towel holder: Toiletries aren’t the only items that need to be stored in your restroom. There are towels for every purpose. You can get creative with towel racks and holders by trying some do it yourself ideas from the internet or include them in your furniture rental package.

Shower curtains and bath mats: You have to find the right fabric, with patterns that will suit the décor of your restroom, and of course, the right colour for your shower curtains. It is something you can pick up during your weekend shopping. For bath mats, you can try pebble mats which are rubber backed, or designer bath rugs which are non-slip and washable.

Soap dispensers and toothbrush holders: You can use whatever is available at your local stores or make your own soap dispensers and toothbrush holders using mason jars or ceramic cups. They are not only eco-friendly because you are recycling old and waste things at home, but also they give a modern look to your restroom.

Potpourri and restroom garden: Restroom odour is a real problem. You might use store-bought room fresheners or make your own potpourri. You can also make a small garden above your flush tank and grow plants which control the odour of your restroom. You can grow some herbs like lavender and mint and aloe veraetc. These plants will make your restroom look pleasant. The colour green is proved to calm your mind and body. Since most people start their days in the restroom, growing plants here make a lot of sense.

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