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Result for #CityJournalist Contest

Hello Guys

Thanks for the participation in #CityJournalist contest.

This time, also, we have left everything on audience which like to read news online. And the parameters set for the winner is “hits” and “time spent by readers “.

This time #CityJournalist Contest September 2014 WINNER is Mr. Vijay Takkar.

Many Many Congratulation Mr. Vijay Takkar

 In this contest, We received 12 Entries. See details below:

Title Author Status Hits Time spent (min.)
100 DAYS OF MODI GOVERNMENT Atin Mehra Active 147 1.03
FAST PACE GENERATION Komal Active 178 2.47
Big Blots on Humanity Komal Active 241 1.52
India and Its TheleVaala business Vijay takkar Active 611 3.53
Ishwar Allah Tero Naam – Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan Harsh Agarwal Active 78 2.40
100 DAYS Priyanka Patel Active 369 2.41
Entrepreneurship- A double edged sword in India? Tarun Budhwani Active 405 4.23
Where’s our conscious? Shirohi Govil Active 247 2.35
JOY OF GIVING Shirohi Govil Active 323 1.29
RBI & Government A Bittersweet Relationship Story  Pulkit Active 279 6.45
CHILD EDUCATION STATUS IN INDIA Kishore Mohanty Active 451 0.57
deadly Ebola virus is showing no signs of stopping Manu Arora Active 517 2.08

I would like to share one more information –   “RBI & Government A Bittersweet Relationship Story” , “Entrepreneurship- A double edged sword in India?” and “deadly Ebola virus is showing no signs of stopping” stories have been shared by maximum peoples and other news portals on their websites.



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