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Retiring in Florida – what makes the Sunshine State such a desirable location for retirees

When most people think of retirement, they imagine spending their days in a calm and peaceful location,focusing on theirhobbies or enjoying activities they probably didn’t have time for when they were still working.It’s only natural to want to spend your retirement years somewhere where you’ll feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.

When people reach retirement age, there are a few things they have to consider, one of them being where they will spend their after-work life. Some people choose to move closer to their children or even live in the same house. Being surrounded by family and being well taken care of when you’re not able to do everything by yourself anymore is extremely important. Others choose to travel and visit all the places they once dreamed of seeing andthere are also those who decide to relocate to a place that ticks all their boxes.

Florida is one of those places thatseem to attract retirees like a magnet. Retiring to Florida became almost a cliché over the years – think of all the family movies where the grandparents live blissfully in a retirement center in Miami. There’s surely something that Florida has and other states don’t.

But it’s one thing to go to Florida for a short vacation and another thing to decide to live there for the rest of your life. So what makes this state so special after all? The love affair between retirees and the Florida is nothing new andthere are various factors that have helped build this relationship and most of them are pretty obvious.

Thesun does shines brighter in Florida

Florida wouldn’t be called the Sunshine State for nothing. How does over 300 days of sunshine sound to you? Maybe not everyone is impressed, but people from Northern areas who are tired of shoveling snow and have experienced too many power outages caused by snow storms during their life time will surely appreciate it.

Some seniors choose to come to Florida only during wintertime, to avoid the harsh weather conditions where they live.It may be a little less traditional to spend Christmas on the beach, enjoying the sun, but most people adjust well to the change of scenery.

It’s familiar…for some

Florida is not only a popular place for retirees, but also a sought-after destination for tourists. Millions of people travel every year to the state to enjoy the sandy beaches and warm weather. So, chances are, most people who decide to move permanently to Florida, are already familiar with it. They’ve seen it, liked it and decided they want more of it. So of course, they may be others… other places that can offer similar benefits and advantages. But moving is already a big change in itself, that’s why moving to a somewhat familiar location can make the transition easier.

Affordable homes

We’re not saying that Florida is cheap. A quick tour on the coast will delight viewers with spectacular multimillion-dollar mansions. As every other popular destination, Florida has its fair share of rich residents living in modern-day castles. But there’s a place for everyone under the sun and if you’ve been good at managing your finances, you can probably find a good option to buy a house here.

There are many communities where property prices are extremely affordable. All you have to do is search for a location that will suit your needs and investigate the real estate market. Also, if you’re already close to signing a deal, make sure to enquire about homeowners insurance in Florida. A good home insurance is essential to protect your property and save you from undesirable situations.

Say goodbye to income taxes

You’ve worked hard for your money all your life and you’ll certainly want to enjoy spending them instead of paying taxes. Florida is a good choice in this regard as well. There’s no income tax in Florida, meaning that your private and public pensions will not be taxed. Clearly, there are other taxes to make up for this such as sales and property taxes, but if you have a higher income and you know how to manage your budget, you’ll have a good chance at saving some money.

New place, new people

Who said retirement meant solitude? With so many communities for retirees, there are plenty of opportunities to meet people in the same age category as you. Friendships can be formed at any age, and now you’ll have the chance to get to know people with common interest and spend as much time as you like with them, bonding and enjoying different activities together.

If you move to a neighborhood where most residents are retirees or if you choose a retirement center, then you’ll definitely make lots of new friends. You’ll probably live your second youth in Florida.

Relaxation is a requirement

Whatever you decide to do with your time after retirement, Florida can help you make the most of it. You can spend your days lounging on a beach and soaking up the sun – but don’t forget that SPF though! – or you can enjoy one of the many outdoor activities that are popular in Florida such as golf or water-related activities. Retirement communities are all about relaxation and tranquility, so if you’re trying to find your Zen, look no further.

But it’s not all about being calm and peaceful. Seniors know how to have fun too and they also have plenty of time for it. Attractions are not just for tourists, but for locals as well, so you’ll have many things to visit and even more to experience. Florida has some of the best national parks, perfect for those who enjoy nature and love to do some hiking. Spending a day with your friends in a theme park, getting in on the action at local casinos or going on a shopping spree are just some of the things that will keep you busy in Florida.

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