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Returning Afresh & Anew: Combining a Vacation with a Facelift is the New Idea of a Break

Dr. Reema Arora, Cosmetic Physician, Reva Clinic, Delhi

Spending a week at the seaside; roaming around aimlessly in the mountains; retreating to the countryside to rejuvenate your body and mind! These are some ideas that lure people to a vacation. However, some people today are adding another interesting dimension to their idea of a break: the idea of rejuvenating your appearance with a lavish cosmetic procedure.

The idea is to return from a break not just rejuvenated in the mind but also in body and skin. A vacation also provides enough time to seek an aesthetic physician’s advice and decide on what procedure your face needs. It also provides the crucial downtime needed for some procedures to settle down.

At 36, Aditi Rao had spent most of her last decade working day in and day out, with hardly any major vacation, other than a few days spent with family. She was travelling so much for work that travelling for leisure seemed a bad idea to her. She felt  a desperate need of a break and decided to take 15 days off in a planned way. Among the things planned for the fortnight was a few hours with an aesthetic physician to help her treat her facial aesthetic concerns and regain the glow of youth.

After a procedure with Botox and Juvederm fillers to erase fine lines and wrinkles, and fill up her under eye hollows, she flew to Istanbul, a city she wanted to visit for a long time. Not only is she rejuvenated in mind, she can’t take off her eyes from the mirror. Now, she is raring to  return to work.

Greater exposure to the entertainment industry, greater connectivity and free flow of information of developments across the world, and increase in purchasing power are some factors that have made Indians more amenable to the medical aesthetics. Over the past decade, there has been a considerable increase in the number of people opening up to medical aesthetics and cosmetic procedures to get better facial features, and a younger looking skin.

However, unlike the west where plastic surgery is more acceptable and widely practiced, most Indians are still apprehensive about going under the knife. This is why non-invasive cosmetic procedures and injectables are the most popular in India.

Here are some procedures that women and men seek:

Botox: Botox remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in India, and arguably the most popular among men. As we reach our mid 30s, the bunch of lines and wrinkles that appear around our eyes when we laugh or smile, start becoming permanent; so do the stress lines of the forehead. A Botox shot can prevent the crow’s feet and forehead lines by relaxing the muscles responsible for them. A quick procedure makes you appear less wrinkly, more relaxed, and younger. Older women also take recourse to Botox to treat the wrinkles and sagging appearance of the neck. It is also very effective in achieving an eye brow lift, or a beautifully arched appearance of the eye brow.

Lip Augmentation: Lip enhancement is another popular procedure that is sought by women of all ages. The younger ones come influenced by the in-vogue pouty appearance with a perfectly created Cupid’s bow that looks luscious and attractive. As we age, the facial features including the cheeks and lips experience a loss of volume. This is accompanied by appearance of fine lines around the mouth that do not look quite attractive. A session with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm can turn around your appearance, giving you more pronounced lips and smooth skin around the mouth.

Skin rejuvenation procedures: There is nothing more discouraging than a dull, dry and lackluster looking skin. The environment we live in, the high degree of pollution and stress, along with unhealthy eating and drinking habits puts a lot of stress on out skin, leaving it dull, pigmented, dry and sheen less. A lot of people seek aesthetic solutions for skin rejuvenation. Procdures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser skin resurfacing help exfoliate the damaged outer layer of skin, reducing scars, pigmentation and dead cells. A quick procedure with Juvederm Refine help skin retrieve its lost glow.

Correcting under eye hollows: Dark circles and under eye hollows are common in young men and women today. With greater exposure to digital screens, faulty lifestyles and lack of nutrition, this problem aggravates. Even as we advice patients to correct their sleeping patterns and eat a healthy diet, we offer quick solutions to improve the appearance of the eyes. When administered intelligently under the eyes, hyaluronic acide fillers can reduce the hollow appearance and give the eyes a healthier look. Laser esurfacing can help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

How a vacation helps:

Some of these procedures need more than one sessions, and also require some time to settle down completely. This is what makes a vacation visit to an aesthetic physician even more helpful. The new age vacationers travel, meet new people, spend time relaxing and eating, and add to their leisure a visit to an aesthetic physician that helps them return with a new rejuvenated self post their breaks.

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