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Reusable Vs. Single-Use Mask – Which One to Choose?

The Coronavirus pandemic is here to stay, making face masks a part of our daily lives. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised people across the globe to wear face coverings to reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease. With lockdown restrictions being relaxed in most Indian states, wearing face masks is now mandatory almost everywhere, whether you are visiting banks, shops, or using public transport.

At the consumer end, the availability of a plethora of mask options is confusing. Many people feel doubtful about using low-cost surgical masks for daily use or opting for a reusable antiviral mask. Also, there has been continued debate over the benefits of using different types of masks. To make things easier, we have put together some valuable information on selecting between reusable antiviral masks and other alternatives.

What Should You Know Before Buying a Face Mask?

The Indian government and other local authorities have been sharing precise information to help people distinguish between different types of masks. The fact says reusable antiviral masks and surgical masks differ in terms of their effectiveness. Many viral infections spread by droplets coming out as cough or sneeze that travel through the air. The main purpose of wearing face cover is source control and wearer’s protection. Most of the germs from the wearer will be caught in it, making him or her less of an infection carrier to others.

The single-use surgical masks which are made of a thin layer of fabric, are not very efficient in preventing the virus from spreading. Hence, it makes sense to understand which mask to buy and how to wear it properly. A series of videos, blogs, and infographics on this subject can be easily found online.

What to Consider Before Buying a Face Mask

  • Viral Filtration Efficiency

While masks of different kinds are a common sight, not all of them are effective in filtering out the viruses, particularly Coronavirus. You should also know that Coronavirus is of the size of a few nanometres, which can penetrate any surface with pores bigger enough than its size.

It means you should pick reusable antiviral masks that are capable to offer protection during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Reusability

You might have seen people using a single-use face mask that is easily available at low cost these days. An important fact related to these use-and-throw masks is that they are not made with good quality fabric and filters, hence available at low cost. Making single-use face masks your preferred choice also means that you are compromising on the protection part.

Hence, it is advisable to look for a reusable antiviral mask for regular use, which will also help you save money.

  • Breathability

This is yet another concern faced by people while choosing the right type of masks for daily wear. Some of the masks available in the local stores are made with very thick fabric, wearing which makes it difficult to breathe. For those who are already facing respiratory health problems, wearing such masks may exacerbate their health conditions.

Hence, you should make sure that the reusable antiviral mask you choose is also breathable enough.

  • Right Fit

Search for a good quality mask online or offline, and you will be shown a variety of masks to choose from. Unfortunately, only a few mask sellers talk about the right fit, while most of them are busy attracting buyers to the designer masks.

Selecting a mask that fits well is as important as buying the one with high filtration efficiency. Even wearing the best reusable antiviral mask will do no good if it does not fit nicely over the face to cover nose and mouth.

Get Complete Protection with Reusable Antiviral Mask

In comparison to single-use masks, reusable mask selection is worth the price payable for a variety of reasons. The long life of these masks ensures that they do not cause any financial burden to your pocket. Neither you have to keep adjusting the masks, as in the case of disposable alternatives.

Take the case of Airific by Nirvana Being – a reusable antiviral mask that has been designed for protection against Coronavirus. Its nanofibresand embedded filters are capable of catching microscopic particles and has an optimum life of 200 hours of usage.

While wearing the right type of mask, make sure you also follow social distancing and hygiene-related norms to stay safe and healthy.

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