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Revealed: Secrets behind Actor Manmeet Singh’s Smile | Famous Sikhs, Talk Show

New Delhi, 14 September 2020 : The third chapter of Candid Talks by ‘Famous Sikhs’, aired last Saturday, September 12th at 9 pm and was an immediate hit. Starring Manmeet Singh, a Sikh actor, turbaned model and writer, the energy of the show was through the roof. Famous Sikhs, a dedicated platform that celebrates the achievements of Sikh achievers and talks about the challenges faced by them. The show invites one guest every week and this week the interview caught some amazing candid expressions of Manmeet Singh on Facebook Live.

It’s surprising, how a show that was announced no more than just 3 weeks back gains a viewership of 7000 impressions on a post in less than 12 hours. Manmeet Singh aka Raju Mechanic from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is breaking barriers and paving new paths with a smile. He loves impromptu, and his work principles are clear since day one– “Never take a role which hurts not only Sikhs but the sentiments of any religion”. Having discovered the artist in himself during his time in college he decided to take an unprecedented turn towards Bollywood with the support of his loving wife, Sunmeet Kaur.

The focus of ‘Famous Sikhs’ talk show is on inculcating a sedulous spirit among masses and to share techniques and strategies for achieving results and tackling failures. With COVID scaring and affecting the film industry badly- Manmeet has been facing some tough times but his incredulous spirit is applaudable. He says,’ When work is not there for a certain period, then the loan is there, but the spirit never dies. He calls this Chardi Kala!’. 

There was also a surprise announcement by Manmeet Singh for all his fans; he revealed that he will be soon releasing a self-composed song by the name ‘Bachpan’. The next segment of the show had a touching message from a heart in which the actor has planted the seeds of love since birth – his daughter. A truly heartwarming message, followed by rapid-fire round and concluded with a melodious song sung by him.

The format of the talk show was educational and light. Manmeet’s weight transformation journey from 148 kgs to 93 kgs was shared. He is also a true humanitarian at heart who doesn’t differentiate people based on their class or work. A staunch follower of Guru Nanak’s principles, Manmeet is a level headed man.‘The Famous Sikhs’ backed by a talented team of experts captivated the audience with a spirit of achievement and inspiration.

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