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Revealed: Why Jayalalithaa’s hospital photos were not released

Ending the controversy surrounding Jayalalithaa’s death, the Apollo Hospitals has filed its reply with the Madras High Court, saying that Jayalalithaa’s hospital photos were not released to the media since it was as per her request. Apollo Hospitals added that the photos were not released also because it was in the interest of public order. Jayalalithaa’s hospital photos could have created turmoil among her followers, which could have led to trouble on the streets and in the State.

Apollo Hospitals submitted its reply to the Madras High Court after a PIL was filed by PA Joseph. The PIL sought to create an enquiry commission that would probe the mysterious death of Jayalalithaa. The counter affidavit filed by Apollo Hospitals clearly mentions that everything was done as per Jayalalithaa’s wish and in public interest.

It may be recalled that Jayalalithaa died on December 5, after receiving treatment at Apollo Hospitals for 75 days. Earlier, the conspiracy theory was also trashed by London-based specialist Richard Beale, who had treated Jayalalithaa before her death. In his statement, Beale had said that Jayalalithaa died due to severe infection and that she was kept on supportive care.

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