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Revealing Secrets of Top Website design!

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Is there is best-kept industry secret for the most stunning and pulsating web design? I mean after all businesses are going crazy finding the secret web design elements that can unlock the doors to success for their business.

Have you got any hint?

If you don’t have those hints, don’t fret because here we will be sharing with you the best-kept industry secrets that nobody have shared with you.

Ok, enough sarcasm…

To be honest there’s nothing like best-kept secret in the web design industry. However, there surely exists a refined methodology that can help businesses create the most appealing and exquisite websites to attract customers and today we are going to discuss exactly those.

However, before we discuss those important ideas and methodologies, it will be helpful to filter out some of the most prevailing myths about web designs.

First and foremost, there is no point in stuffing your website with content. Long gone are the days for classified looking websites, so let them be for news and reviews.

Here’s the catch:

You can’t just inundate your landing page with all different design elements and hope to surprise your customers with the design. This way you will not surprise them but actually, make them fret for space.

Now, let’s discuss the King itself – The Content

Content is king, this has been the rule for as long as the digital marketing industry itself but that doesn’t mean any content. Stuffing website with no-brainer content won’t help you get anywhere. Especially talking about today’s industry where users don’t give a dime to spend one extra second on websites, you need to be extra-vigilant when writing content for your website. The success model here is to briefly describe your business model with a selection of very pure and engaging words and try to hook them up with “Call to Actions”.

But what about SEO? Don’t I need to have a good amount of content for SEO purpose?

SEO does require content (hands down), but again the key here isn’t the quantity of content produced but the quality of content. Again wasting pages writing personal stories or making some weird stories won’t take you anywhere.

Ok, now that we have filter out two myths, let’s quickly review important elements for the most exquisite web design:


– Minimalism is trending

Not talking about the past, however, today’s web design industry is all about creating websites with a minimalist approach. I really get minimalism inspiration from Japanese households, that’s just so pure, clean and absorbing.

Thereby, while designing a website, make sure you keep it nice and clean with minimal use of flashy elements and stick with the most elegant items.

– Mobile Responsive Design

To keep it short, the industry has moved to mobile devices and if you are stuck on the desktop, rethink your strategy.

– Images

Again, the world has moved-on from stock imagery. Today, it’s all about real-life hero images that relate to the real world.


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