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Review: Aroma Leaf’s Dermaglow Shiner Lotion Bleach

We all love summer, and we count the days till it comes to enjoy our vacations on the beach.

However, sometimes we forget that it may ruin our our skin to the core. My skin is so sensitive and can be easily effected by tanning, freckles, dehydration, pimples as well as pollution which makes it worse by increasing the skin hazards.

I always look for the best products which cure such skin hacks without any side effects. I tried many products which work for a short time and are not much effective till my friend told me about Aroma Leaf’s Dermaglow Shiner Lotion Bleach.
I know that Aroma Leaf is a leading manufacturer of beauty products, I tried some of its products but this one. Recently, Aroma Leaf has introduced Dermaglow Shiner Lotion Bleach which is a new and effective solution to lighten the dark spots and make the skin brighter.

Product Description:

Aroma Leaf’s Dermaglow Shiner Lotion Bleach is so amazing, it lightens the dark spots on my face and neck, improves the skin tone, makes my skin much brighter, helps to remove tanning as well as ​provides coverage for your facial hair, if any.

This bleach also deeply penetrates into my skin to procure the real glow.


Aroma Leaf Dermaglow Shiner Lotion Bleach is 3 in 1, it comes in a 200ml jar along with a Pre-Bleach Cream and Powder Activator.

This bleach is available in stores and online for only Rs. 300/-

How I Use This Product:

First, I wash my face and neck with normal water.

I apply a layer of this pre- bleach cream on my face and neck.

I mix the lotion and white activator powder as per the description given till it forms a white cream.

Then I apply this cream on my face.

Leave it from 10- 15min then wash it with water.


Before using this product for the first time, make a patch test on your arm.

Avoid use it on cuts, wounded or damaged skin. Don’t use any soaps for 5-6 hours after using this bleach.

After using it, I have never had any irritation, and my skin looked very clean and bright. I am so happy with the end results of using this  mild and effective bleach.

Therefore, Aroma Leaf’s Dermaglow Shiner Lotion Bleach is now one of the most beauty products which I use daily.

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