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Review : Himalaya Beauty products


himalaya beauty products review orange face pack wash newspatrollingIt comes in simple clear plastic tubethrough which you can clearly see the colour and the quantity of the face wash. If you are travel loving person and tired of getting tan then you can keep this Himalaya tan removal orange face wash in your bag wherever you go and use it as per your convenience. The face wash is orange in colour and it smell like orange which makes you feel fresh and natural. It does not contain any type of harmful chemicals or any exfoliating beads.It is gel based facial cleanser.It does not have strong smell it fades away within a minute.

Once you apply the face wash over you face you will feel fresh and it easily spreads on face and mixes with skin so well. After using it you can notice how easily it cleans all the oil and the dirt from your face. It moisturises your skin for 3 hours and prevents your skin from getting dry it also controls excess oil secretion from skin. It is perfect tan removal face wash for those who are in search and in need for it because it does not only removes tan from your skin but it also keeps the skin moisturised and it will make you feel your skin has become more softer and smoother than earlier.

Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream

himalaya beauty products review youth eternity night cream newspatrollingthis cream is a breakthrough anti-ageing formulation which is based on plant stem cell research and it also have exotic herbal actives. It is a special mixture of Edelweiss plant stem cells, apple, rose myrtle, woodfordia, clipadessa, rich powerful antioxidants, anti-ageing properties and polyphenols which works overnight on skin to provide intense  hydration, it helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, it also keeps the skin healthy and leaves the skin even-toned and visibly youthful. You can use Himalaya youth Eternity Night Cream by massaging gently over cleansed face and neck part at night before going to bed. For best results use it regularly at night.


Himalaya Pain Massage Oil is a herbal oil which gives instant relief from neuromuscular pain and also gives himalaya relief pain oil newspatrollingrelief in pain of arthritis. It is enriched with sweet flag, drumstick and with cedar tree extracts.

  • Himalaya pain massage oil contains Sweet Flag which is known for its analgesic, nervine tonic properties and spasmolytic which is very much helpful getting relieve in pain.
  • Next ingredient used in this oil is Drumstick which has wide variety of uses in Ayurveda. The drumstick tree gum contains anti- inflammatory and warming properties which reduces pain within short time period.
  • It also have Cedarwhich contains antispasmodic properties it relieves spasms of the respiratory system, intestine, heart, nerves and muscles.
  • Next ingredient is ginger which has anti-inflammatory, heating properties and stimulant which helps in relieving body swelling.

himalaya anti herbal hair cream newspatrolling


Himalaya Herbal Anti Hair Loss Cream is the best product to prevent hair loss/hair fall. Most of people are facing problem of hair lossand reason behind hair fall can be varied it may be due to poor diet, pollution,  mental stress or hair fall can also occur because of severe diseases like typhoid and heart problem. If you are facing hair fall problem a lot then you must try Himalaya Herbal Anti Hair Loss Cream it will for sure control your hair fall.

This cream is has been mainly manufactured for promoting hair growth and control hair loss. If you apply this anti hair loss cream on regular basis then it will help in simulating hair growth cycle.  This hair cream has really a very unique formula which work for enhancing of hair fibre cells.

The ingredients which is used in Himalaya Herbal Anti Hair Loss Cream are very much essential medicines for various types of hair problems. Two prolific herbs that is Butea tree and Climbing butea are mixed in this cream to strengthen the hair follicles,  heals the scalpand enhances the hair growth, it also reduces split ends. This anti hair loss cream can be used on almost every types of hair, it has been clinically tested with a very positive result.

You just have to apply the anti hair loss cream all over your scalp and then massage it gently with your fingertips. After applying leave your hair overnight and then rise it the next morning with either shampoo or water. You can notice the change within yourself if you use it regularly for a month and you can also apply twice in a day


HIMALAYA CLEAR COMPLEXION WHITENING FACE SCRUBHimalaya clear complexion whitening face scrub is a complexion enhancing scrub with mild exfoliating which enhances your natural fairness and reveals your glowing skin. White Dammar and Liquoricehelps in regulating melanin synthesis while the granules of apricot gently scrub away dead skins cells, it also removes blackheads and deeply embedded impurities and as a result you can see brighter, soft and glowing skin. It has Liquorice  (Mulethi), white Dammar (kahruba), Apricot (khoobani).


HIMALAYA MEN FACE AND BEARD WASH newspatrollingHimalaya Men Face And Beard Wash is the perfect solution for men who loves keeping beards and no matter what type of beard you have Himalaya men face and beard wash will keep it perfectly well groomed, clean. This face and beard wash is formulated to take proper care of men face and beards (facial hairs). You can use it easily even if you have rough coarse beards. It is enriched with aloe Vera gel and coconut water which helps to keepyour beards soft, conditioned and clean.

Keeping beards of different style and different length needs special care. While facial hair grows skin can get itchy and uncomfortable so the skin of face and beard needs extra attention and care.Himalaya Men Face And Beard Wash is enriched with natural ingredients which providesdeep cleansing, soft beard and clear skin. It also conditions stubble and soothes skin irritation and gives clear and fresh skin.

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