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Review of UM Motorcycles – Ride the difference

We recently got the chance to review UM Motorcycles, and we must admit that it was indeed a very refreshing experience and a powerful experience. There are two models that we reviewed – Renegade Commando and Renegade Sports S. Both the bikes wooed us totally with their power-packed performance and stunning looks.

When it comes to bikes, there are two components that really matter. Firstly, the power of the engine that determines how efficient and durable will it be, and the other one is its body. None of these are avoidable and hence a bike that offers both these factors, is an ideal choice. Here we are with two such bikes that will take you by surprise with their performance.


Our review of these two bikes was around figuring out which one of these two can deliver better balance between everyday city riding and that weekend blast.

Renegade Commando – If you are someone who likes to go on long trips with your muscular bike, then this should be your ultimate choice. Well built with a robust body, Renegade Commando will take you to roads unknown and help you cross the roughest of the roads with absolute ease and style. With an 18 litres fuel tank capacity, and ground clearance of 200mm, this beast will beat every odds that obstruct your way.

A single cylinder liquid cooled engine breathes life into the Renegade Commando, also making it the only one in its class to sport this technology. Renegade Commando is available in Burgundy, Olive Green, Black Shine colours.

Renegade Sports S – This bike will be your perfect companion for your everyday travel, and completing multiple tasks with comfort keeping you at ease. The gear ratios and dual suspension helps cross the obstacles smoothly, and also gives a power-packed performance on the highway.

Renegade Sports S is available is Black Silver, Young Red, and Young Orange.


These bikes not only give you maximum value for your money but adds to your style quotient. In case you have been longing to buy a bike that not only has and edgy design and is stylish, but also has the power of a horse, UM Motorcycles should be your go-to-option. One should first figure out the type of use that one would have of the bike (regular city use, or long hours weekend drive in the countryside), and then pick either of the two marvels by UM Motorcycles.

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